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Multi-functional roof with VELUX Northlights

Weber Hofer Partner Architects in Zurich refurbished the top floor of a former industrial building from the 1920s, which serves as an open-plan office, and extended it to meet future requirements. During an eight-month construction phase, the existing roof from the 1960s was dismantled down to the steel structure and replaced by a modern, efficient structure in which five Northlights from the VELUX Modular Skylight system were installed. The north-facing skylights include high-performance triple glazing, which now evenly supply the open-plan office underneath with diffused daylight. The south-facing areas of the shed roof construction are almost completely covered with photovoltaic panels.

Large-area acoustic cladding in the interior and indirect lighting which is hidden in the roof highlight the striking roof design in the evening, when the blinds reflect the artificial light. Finely graded white, light grey and beige tones dominate the room and appear differently depending on the incidence of light. The result is a balanced and stimulating working atmosphere – an open-plan office in an old industrial building that meets all contemporary standards.




Architectural drawings

Products used in project

5 x Northlight

Northlight 25-90°

A rooflight series for sloped, shed or saw tooth roofs.

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Number of modules: 100

Special glazing: 17T

Northlight 25-90°

A rooflight series for sloped, shed or saw tooth roofs.

Illustration of Northlight solution Read more

Josef Hofer

Weber Hofer Partner AG

After a detailed examination of the available solutions, we decided to use VELUX Modular Skylights. The reasons were the technically sophisticated design, simple assembly and options to include ventilating modules and integrated blinds. These specifications were met in full. In terms of design, the system could be integrated very well into the shed roof.

Josef Hofer

Weber Hofer Partner AG

Previously, it was necessary to rely on your own designs to create a good solution for shed roof glazing. Now, with the new VELUX Modular Skylight system, a product has come onto the market that fulfils all requirements and can be recommended to building owners without hesitation.

Minimised construction, maximum functionality

As a result of the new loads, the load-bearing steel structure had to be reinforced. The steel structure was filled with glulam beams and wooden slats, which also serve as a sub-construction for fastening the sub-roof, sheet metal cover and photovoltaic panels. Alight diffusing plastic sheet was used as the sub-roof, which directly serves as the outermost roof panel for the photovoltaic panels. In this way, it was possible to do without a large proportion of the metal roof.

A total of 100 VELUX Modular Skylights were installed for lighting and ventilation. Four modules can be opened electrically per row, thus contributing to the new ventilation and air conditioning strategy. Internal sun protection blinds were installed for the times of day when the north-facing glass surfaces are also exposed to direct sunlight.

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