Xtralite and Vitral are now a part of VELUX Commercial, and we are delighted to welcome you to our new website. Here, you will find our complete portfolio of daylight solutions and services for industrial, commercial and public buildings.

Continuous Polycarbonate Rooflights

Suitable for both flat and sloped roofs, continuous polycarbonate rooflights are ideal for commercial and industrial applications, providing daylight, natural and certified smoke ventilation.

A durable, lightweight and cost-effective alternative to glass, continuous polycarbonate rooflights meet the high demands of commercial and industrial buildings. Perfect for covering large areas of pitched or flat roofs, our continuous rooflights range is suitable for both new-build and refurbishment projects and can be customised to suit the building and occupant needs.
Our range of continuous rooflight solutions can meet the demands of any industrial scale building; typically installed in warehouses, logistics centres, production facilities and sports halls.

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Continuous polycarbonate rooflights provide a flexible and practical solution for daylight in large industrial buildings such as warehouses, logistics centres and production facilities. They are suitable for both flat and pitched roofs and can positively contribute to the indoor environment with options for natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (NSHEV) and aeration.

With an attractive appearance and a variety of additional features, VELUX Commercial’s polycarbonate continuous rooflights are a versatile choice that can be customised to suit specific requirements:

  • Supplied in widths up to 11m
  • Panels can be curved to create configurations such as barrel vaults
  • Maximise diffused light into large areas to create optimal light conditions
  • Provide thermal efficiency
  • Built to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Self-cleaning effect for easy maintenance
  • Opening panels for both comfort and smoke ventilationFall-through protection

Venting rooflight solutions

Whether ventilation is needed to provide fresh air for occupants or to facilitate the escape of smoke and heat, the range of continuous polycarbonate rooflights from VELUX Commercial can help.

Choose from an array of configurations for natural ventilation, with options including single flaps, double flaps, side flaps, crossbeam flaps and full flaps. Surface fans can also be integrated into the rooflights to increase airflow.

Refurbishing industrial roofs with continuous polycarbonate rooflights

Thanks to their lightweight properties and ease of installation, continuous polycarbonate rooflights are often used for refurbishment projects, either to replace existing rooflights or as part of a wider effort to bring natural light into the building and improve ventilation. Their lightweight build up makes them ideal for roofs not originally designed to hold the weight of rooflights.

The upstands used with polycarbonate rooflights create a secure connection between the supporting structure and rooflight, helping to ensure weather tightness and thermal efficiency. Various sizes are available, and they can be finished with an optional colour coating.