Xtralite and Vitral are now a part of VELUX Commercial, and we are delighted to welcome you to our new website. Here, you will find our complete portfolio of daylight solutions and services for industrial, commercial and public buildings.

Modular Rooflights (formerly Vitral SkyVision)

Elegant glass rooflight solution for flat roofs

Modular Rooflights are glass rooflights for flat roofs that maximise the amount of natural light, without intrusive framing being visible from beneath. Modular Rooflights have an elegant and aesthetic design and bring daylight into commercial buildings. Modular Rooflights are made to measure and can be configured, manufactured and delivered in bespoke sizes for specific requirements.
Modular rooflights

Explore the different rooflight solutions

Modular Rooflights come in three different variants: Monolight, Linearlight and Circularlight. These bespoke rooflight solutions are available in several fixed and venting combinations with or without burglary resistant and walk-on options. This gives you the freedom to design for your specific project and needs.

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