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Modular skylights as part of neighbourhood regeneration

Icône is a new-build office located in the neighbourhood of Belval, Luxemburg with inviting views of Hauts Fourneaux. Set in a historic area originally known for its steelwork industry, Icône is 18,800 square metres of office space, spread across five floors. The project was a response to government led initiatives to regenerate and revitalize the surrounding area, post industrialisation. The building includes break out spaces for collaboration and creativity, as well as a restaurant and retail space for occupants to enjoy.

Modular skylights form a large central atrium

Having secured the expansive new-build project, Foster + Partners put occupant well-being and productivity at the forefront of design plans. A total of 700 Modular Skylights were specified to create a central atrium that provides daylight across five levels. Outdoor terraces, meeting rooms, and breakout spaces evoke a sense of calm, and support a healthy, daylit environment. Window façades work with skylights, ensuring a connection to the outdoors is maintained throughout open office spaces.

Modular skylights were suggested to achieve a cost-effective and visually appealing solution for a building that required ample natural light whilst maintaining a watertight seal.

The modular configuration enabled optimized daylight levels and an aesthetic connection with the building's elevation. The prefabricated system with clamp and fix features facilitated quick installation despite the challenge of coordinating with other contractors during the roof construction.

VELUX Commercial provided various services to ensure a pragmatic and functional design, including offering options, creating 3D renders, and providing technical solutions. The water evacuation issue was addressed by connecting the squares to continuous skylights, which expedited the installation process.

The issue of expansion joints cutting through the skylights was also resolved. The team secured the connection details, proposed stability solutions, and ensured proper rainwater management and inner lining alignment.

In addition, the solution fulfils a special requirement of using a pane that allows necessary UV to pass through the trees underneath.

Thanks to thorough planning and efficient execution, the installation was completed ahead of schedule.

A next generation digital work environment

Flexibility and modularity mean office spaces are adaptable to a business or individuals' way of working. Modern design includes a digitally smart building with intelligent lifts, virtual reception and digital applications to manage energy consumption. Approximately 3,000 square metres of office and social space is reserved for freelancers and entrepreneurs. A collaborative office environment has been designed to support and inspire building occupants embracing future ways of working.




Architectural drawings

Products used in project

14 x Ridgelight at 5° with Beams

Ridgelight at 5° with Beams

A dual pitched rooflight installed at a 5° angle with supporting beams.

Illustration of Ridgelight solution with beam Read more

Quantity of modules: 700

Ridgelight at 5° with Beams

A dual pitched rooflight installed at a 5° angle with supporting beams.

Illustration of Ridgelight solution with beam Read more

Darren Haylock

Partner, Foster + Partners

With such a large project, we were looking to develop a new way of working in an office. Coworking spaces that encourage collaboration and improve the well-being of people require daylight, we think this is so important. Daylight gives this building a central focus and creates the perfect environment for office work and leisure. Windows and skylights also create a connection to the outdoors.

Darren Haylock

Partner, Foster + Partners

This is one of the largest VELUX Modular Skylight installations in Europe. It’s a modular, prefabricated system which made it so easy to install, the speed of installation was fantastic. Choosing modular skylights really helped us streamline working processes for a simple, efficient and more coordinated installation.

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