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352 electrically powered SHEV rooflights to improve safety, well-being and the environment

After 20 years of operation, the pneumatic smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (SHEV) systems at Messe Karlsruhe no longer complied with current regulatory standards. Due to annually increasing maintenance costs, building owners made the decision to replace the existing SHEV system in collaboration with specialist planners from the Concepture Group and VELUX Commercial. 

A total of 352 domes were replaced with electric SHEV rooflights inclusive of solid aluminium lids and a 230-volt drive. These rooflights now have electronic open and close functionality and benefit from a thermally insulated lid to help control indoor temperatures. 

Energy efficient rooflights to modernize an iconic venue

The SHEV rooflight with aluminium lid is a bespoke design that can remove smoke from a building in the event of a fire, while also providing ample ventilation for visitors and workers. In hosting venues like Messe Karlsruhe, daylight is not the primary objective with rooflights, as artificial lighting is preferred. However, the newly installed rooflight system comes with an energy efficient and electrically operated system to replace the more costly pneumatic opening system previously used. Better serving the environment was a key influencing factor when choosing new rooflights, as was having additional thermal control to maximize comfort for building occupants year-round.

A reliable partner delivers a swift rooflight installation

More than 300 events host over 800,000 visitors at Messe Karlsruhe each year. Consistent maintenance of the SHEV systems plays an important role in answering safety requirements, while also meeting strict regulatory guidelines. VELUX Commercial worked closely with the team at Messe Karlsruhe to ensure the rooflight replacement process was in line with functional requirements, and minimised disruption. VELUX Commercial were chosen as reliable partners for both the manufacturing and fitting of each rooflight and were successful in meeting the business demands of Messe Karlsruhe.

Prefabrication of rooflights also helped to facilitate a fast replacement of the entire SHEV system. Upstands were connected to a rail, allowing roofers and installers to easily connect flashing sheets. Being both manufacturer and contractor has allowed VELUX Commercial to have a positive impact on a timely construction.  




Products used in project

352x SHEV rooflight with solid aluminium lid

Special Dome Rooflights

A safe solution for blocking daylight, supporting fresh air circulation, and offering smoke and heat exhaust ventilation

Illustration of a Special Dome Rooflight Read more

Special Dome Rooflights

A safe solution for blocking daylight, supporting fresh air circulation, and offering smoke and heat exhaust ventilation

Illustration of a Special Dome Rooflight Read more

Stefan Müller

Specialist Planner at Concepture Group

With the previous system, which operated using CO₂, a very large amount of gas had to be released during maintenance. The electric system is environmentally friendly and powerful thanks to the 230-volt drive. Other important factors for us were the increased convenience of the system as well as lower operating costs.

Replacement of rooflights

The installation process was carefully planned from conception with bespoke rooflights being built and installed in a timely manner to ensure minimal disruption to building operations.
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