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The Enchantment of Natural Light Through Modular Skylights

Nautiland, built in 1984 and being the first indoor water park in France, is an iconic facility. It underwent a complete renovation and was redesigned to become more family friendly. The complex was expanded with many new areas, including indoor and outdoor pools for kids and with a unique experience, an outdoor river.  

A clear glass roof system for a pleasant swimming experience 

VELUX Modular Skylights Step Solution was the perfect fit for this project with large spaces. The Step Solution enables a grand daylight design in the building's pool area. Multiple rows of elegant skylight modules are connected to create a large glass roof. This is an ideal construction in swimming pools to bring in natural light and make the connection with the outdoors, creating a more pleasant swimming environment. With the astonishingly clear views of the sky through the large skylights and the reflection of the light indoors, the swimming pool has a strong visual appeal. 

Long-lasting materials and proper installation preventing corrosion 

When using skylights in environments like swimming pools with high levels of humidity, salt or chloride, corrosion can be a concern. Modular Skylights from VELUX Commercial meet the high demands of swimming pool areas. It is a tested solution with proven quality and functionality, for installation in such environments. The composite material under the exposed lacquer of Modular Skylights is non-corrosive, thus the material does not need additional protective coating, which also makes the installation process easier. Furthermore, we specially designed a vapour barrier connection strip, vapour barrier adhesive and inner ridge cover to effectively prevent condensation. 

A creative solution with several benefits 

The Modular Skylights were installed with special triple glazed modules, which ensure complete water tightness and sound insulation, safety and sun protection. With this comprehensive roof renovation, the building’s energy efficiency improved, and it provides visitors with a more comfortable indoor environment with beautiful skylights. 

In 2023, the Nautiland Aquatic Centre was awarded the "Remarkable Contemporary Architecture" label by the French Ministry of Culture. To date, the Grand Est region of France boasts around 200 buildings that received this label created by the law of July 7, 2016. This collection highlights architecture as a living practice.




Products used in project

3 x Step Solution

Step Longlight/Ridgelight

Multiple rows of skylight modules connected to create a large glass roof

Step Longlight/Ridgelight illustration Read more

Number of modules: 262

Module sizes: 

  • 1000x2000 mm  
  • 1000x3000 mm   
  • 1000x2250 mm 

Step Longlight/Ridgelight

Multiple rows of skylight modules connected to create a large glass roof

Step Longlight/Ridgelight illustration Read more
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