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Daylight and ventilation improve well-being and academic performance

In Copenhagen, Denmark a refurbishment at Peder Lykke School has been completed with minimal disruption to student learning and activities. This building project was led by LYTT Architecture and contractor Juul & Nielsen. A requirement that the safety of students and staff was at the forefront of decision-making processes was established from the offset. A timely delivery and installation of rooflights for on time completion was a prerequisite to project success, which presented challenges at each stage of this building project.

Fully prefabricated rooflights and a swift installation process

Modular skylights were manufactured and fully prefabricated offsite, including the sub construction. The process involved replacing 68 existing rooflights with 184 double unit modular skylights, as well as close collaboration between contractor, installer and the building owner.

VELUX Commercial were involved from inception to project completion, assisting with planning, delivery and installation of rooflights to ensure daylight solutions answered specific client requirements.

Ensuring minimal time was spent on the roof by installers was also part of a project goal to ensure sloping roofs were not being worked on in challenging weather conditions. Prefabrication and effective logistical planning resulted in most rooflights being installed over just one weekend. Each individual rooflight was installed in 15 minutes. This impressive feat minimized disruption to the school, enabling learning to continue and social activities enjoyed by all students.

The capacity of the Peder Lykke School has increased to 700 with daylight solutions providing comfort ventilation and natural light throughout classrooms and communal areas. This has significantly improved the well-being of learners and staff alike, with more focus and productivity being achieved. Today, daylight and fresh air is part of every day.

Additional features to improve learning and social activities

Rooflights are accompanied by comfort ventilation and roller blinds, enabling the school managers to control CO₂, sun and wind levels whenever required. Skylights can be closed if it rains outside, while interior acoustic panel upgrades help to create a harmonious learning atmosphere.




Products used in project

184 x Longlight

Longlight 5-30°

A mono-pitched solution ideal for flat roofs

Illustration of Longlight solution Read more

Quantity of modules: 368

Longlight 5-30°

A mono-pitched solution ideal for flat roofs

Illustration of Longlight solution Read more

Jesper Guldbech

Director of the Guldbech Group

Throughout the entirety of this project, we’ve had great support from VELUX Commercial with technical drawings, DWG files and anything else we needed. This is certainly not the last time we will work with VELUX Commercial; the support has been great from start to finish.

Anders Munk

Teacher at Peder Lykke School

There are many positives about this refurbishment project, but of course now there is daylight. We really needed skylights because we don’t have many windows facing streets and playgrounds. Skylights are a necessity and provide fresh air quickly. The school has become a much nicer place for everyone.


The refurbishment took place while the school remained operational, requiring offsite construction of modular skylights and a timely delivery and installation.
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