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Biotech company Promega incorporates daylight as part of sustainable building design

A striking 9,000 square metre roof spans the new Promega building in Walldorf, Germany. Daylight, fresh air, and cross-ventilation are provided via modular skylights as part of an expansive project.

An atrium fills a multipurpose space with daylight

Promega combines offices, logistics and production areas. A project goal with this multifunctional building by architects haas cook zemmrich was to have a range of operational facilities function across multiple floor levels. Subsidiaries of the Promega Corporation now work as an entity under a sloping shed roof that provides daylight to more than 115 employees. Occupants enjoy a space complete with striking wood beam interiors, and multi-storey levels full of daylight.

A total of 250 skylight modules provide active working environments with daylight via an atrium that connects people to the outdoors. The spatial concept and building envelope are coordinated to allow daylight and fresh air to enter deep into the interior of the building.

A shed roof with rows of north facing skylights have been installed to deliver glare-free daylight and let in soft natural light. This means there is no need for additional roller blinds. The shed roof consists of a wooden construction with onsite sealing. On the façades, wide roof overhangs and solar shading protect against direct sunlight.

In addition to building component activation based on geothermal probes and mechanical ventilation, continuous skylights ensure a comfortable indoor climate. Triple glazing panes provide additional thermal comfort and support a low U-value to minimize heat loss. They also contribute to sustainable design that includes a photovoltaic system installed on the roof to lower energy consumption. Several modules can be opened to create a natural chimney effect in the atrium and support an increase in air circulation to lower carbon dioxide levels. Skylights support sustainability goals with the provision of fresh air reducing a reliance on air conditioning and lowering energy consumption in warmer months.

The project was nominated in the VELUX Architectural Competition 2022.




Architectural drawings

Products used in project

15 x Northlight

Northlight 25-90°

A rooflight series for sloped, shed or saw tooth roofs.

Illustration of Northlight solution Read more

Quantity of modules: 250

Glazing: 16T glazing (3-pane insulating glazing)

Northlight 25-90°

A rooflight series for sloped, shed or saw tooth roofs.

Illustration of Northlight solution Read more

Martin Haas

haas cook zemmrich STUDIO2050

Communal areas are designed to make the best possible use of natural light, whether along the façade or via an atrium.

Jury statement, VELUX Architectural Competition, 2022

Under a striking timber structure, architects have created a varied office and communication landscape, which is bathed in daylight by modular skylights. Despite the enormous depth of the building, this creates an atmosphere of almost being outdoors. This impression is supported by an extremely contemporary climate concept that relies on natural buoyancy and cross-ventilation to minimize the technical effort and energy requirements within the building.

Sustainable climate, lighting, and ventilation concept

Thermal comfort and indoor air quality are supported by mechanical ventilation, while component activation is connected to a geothermal field. A photovoltaic system installed on the roof provides the base load for total energy requirement. Skylights support sustainability with the provision of fresh air helping to reduce a reliance on air conditioning in warmer months.

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