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Thanks to VELUX Modular Skylights, René Guest school now provides children with beautiful natural light which is conducive to learning

The challenge on this project was to bring more daylight into the heart of the building, between the new and the old premises. Daylight from 60 VELUX Modular Skylights now illuminates the hallway and classrooms with largely glazed partitions.

The project is based on the study conducted by the International centre for Indoor Environment and Energy (ICIE), and the Technical University of Denmark (2013). These institutions were motivated by the development of better learning environments.

Built in the 1950s, the school corridors were dark and relied on artificial light. Thanks to the VELUX modular glass roof solution, the René Guest School now offers plenty of daylight that is ideal for learning.

The study demonstrated that children's learning capacity increases by up to 15% in a healthy indoor environment.




Products used in project

2 x Longlight

Longlight 5-30°

A mono-pitched solution ideal for flat roofs

Illustration of Longlight solution Read more

Number of modules: 60

Longlight 5-30°

A mono-pitched solution ideal for flat roofs

Illustration of Longlight solution Read more

Ariane Ville


The installation was carried out during a short holiday period, and was quick. This was ideal since the school remained open during the works.

Fabien Grasser

Site manager at GMT Bâtiment

The architect and the customer are very satisfied with these windows and I must say that we are too.

Quick installation time

In order not to interfere with the operation of the establishment, the skylights were installed over a short period, during school holidays.

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