Xtralite and Vitral are now a part of VELUX Commercial, and we are delighted to welcome you to our new website. Here, you will find our complete portfolio of daylight solutions and services for industrial, commercial and public buildings.

Designing Daylight Solutions for Commercial Buildings

eBook - Designing Daylight Solutions for Commercial Buildings

The availability of artificial light over the last two centuries and the restructuring of our working day means we are fast becoming the “Indoor Generation”, a generation of people whose experience of daylight and fresh air during the week can often be restricted to the morning commute to work or school, a quick lunch break or a stop at the supermarket on the way home.

The influence that architecture has on our lives cannot be understated, and the need to create healthier, brighter indoor spaces with greater access to daylight and to the outdoors is a pressing one.

Our guide to incorporating daylight into building design covers:

  • The emergence of the indoor generation and our daylighting needs
  • The impact of daylight design in commercial buildings
  • Daylighting in buildings and the importance of EN 17037
  • Designing for daylight in offices, hotels and conference centres, public concourses, industrial, warehousing and multi-use commercial spaces

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Rooftlight solution from VELUX Commercial
Engery company
Skylight solution in a energy company
Canteen with skylight solutions from VELUX Commercial
Canteen with rooflights