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Modular skylights improving office and warehouse conditions using natural light

eBooks - VELUX Modular Skylights improve office and warehouse conditions using natural light
348 modules of the VELUX Modular Skylight system were installed as part of a new combined office and warehousing space for third generation fabric design company, ROMO Fabrics. The project saw VELUX Commercial work alongside Maber to create this vibrant new headquarters.

The goal for ROMO was to consolidate its existing facilities and move to a centralised headquarters. A total of 33,000m2 would be developed, including a mixture of process and storage space, office space, and house the organisation’s 350 staff members. All of this had to be achieved whilst creating a vibrant and light workplace for its employees, but also laying the foundations for further expansion in the future.

VELUX Commercial contributed a large amount of expertise into how daylight could be brought into this space, as well as how smoke could effectively be extracted from it in the event of a fire. Each VELUX Ridgelight installed in the atrium incorporated five 1000x2400mm smoke venting modules which are tested according to BS EN 12101-2. Wind deflectors were also recommended and chosen for the scheme to ensure that in any wind condition the required 24m2 of smoke-free area could be guaranteed, thus providing additional assurances to ROMO.

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