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Build for Life

Reimagining design to create healthier and more sustainable commercial buildings

The time for positive change is now

At VELUX, we believe that we must actively address the climate-related challenges of the 21st century and work together with the building industry to help reconnect people and the planet through healthier, more sustainable buildings.

Build for Life is a multi-disciplinary initiative created to help connect people and the planet through better building design. Our hope is to create a knowledge library that will challenge and inspire others to rethink, not only how we build, but also the ways that we live and interact with the natural world. The Build for Life Conference brings together architects, engineers, planners and academics dedicated to exploring the importance of healthy buildings with project examples, innovative design, and academic findings. Watch and gain invaluable insight from leading professionals who are redefining how buildings are being designed and enjoyed by occupants.

The latest scientific research on health in buildings post-pandemic and beyond

Joseph Allen, Director of the Healthy Buildings Programme & John Macomber, Senior Lecturer at Harvard University

Academic leaders in healthy indoor climates, Joseph Allen and John Macomber revealed research findings that brought into focus the importance of air quality and ventilation. Watch as they breakdown nine fundamentals of creating a healthy building and discuss the positive impact the implementation of research findings can have on building design.

Key discussion points: ventilation & air quality, thermal comfort, dust & pests

How can we design and transform existing buildings for quality and longevity?

Mette Tony, Architect & Owner of Praksis Studio

Award winning architect Mette Tony sat down to discuss the importance of a building’s longevity and sustainable design approaches that reuse existing materials. Mette provides examples of sustainable design approaches for old and new buildings and advocates reinstating original features where possible to give old buildings a new lease of life.

Key discussion points: authenticity & refurbishment, building for longevity, valuing building maintenance

Daylight Design Guide

How to make clean, healthy indoor air the norm?

Lidia Morawska, Professor, Queensland University of Technology

Nicknamed the ‘queen of fresh air,’ distinguished professor, Lidia Morawska discussed how ventilation in buildings reduces the risk of infection and the transmission of viruses. Listed by Time magazine as a key figure of the 21st century, Lidia explored the possibilities of a ‘ventilation revolution’ and the role fresh air can play in improving people’s lives.

Key discussion points: complexity of indoor air, airborne transmissions, indoor air monitoring & ventilation

How can we design for adaptive reuse?

Philip Buxbaum, SmartVoll Architekten

Leading architect, Philip Buxbaum, talks about the adaptive reuse of derelict industrial buildings around Salzburg and the transformation of them into lively places for occupants to enjoy. Philip discusses what it actually takes to make adaptive reuse happen, turning these once similar buildings, inside out, so that they make full use of beautiful surroundings and give users a connection to the outdoors. Digital 3D simulation tools such as the VELUX Daylight Visualizer can also support a lighting strategy that strikes a balance between well-lit spaces and use of the existing building structure.

Key discussion points: reactivating existing resources, reducing waste, daylight visualization

VELUX Build for Life 2021 Conference