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CAD/BIM software and collaborative design transform the de Marke education facility

Sustainable daylight design

Accurate drawings and early project collaboration transform an education facility with daylight.

De Marke primary school in the Netherlands
De Marke primary school in the Netherlands

In 2018, de Marke primary school in The Netherlands closed its doors after rust was discovered in the floors. The decision was taken by owners to rebuild the educational facility.  A longstanding relationship between architect and VELUX Commercial resulted in a Modular Skylight system being specified.

Collaboration between VELUX Commercial, building owners and TenW architects, resulted in CAD/BIM software being used to create drawings at project conception. Daylight solutions were then chosen and incorporated into design plans early with product guidance offered. Daylight supports the mood, focus and well-being of active learners.

School with Modular Skylights - exterior
School with Modular Skylights - exterior view
School with Modular Skylights - interior
School with Modular Skylights - interior view

On a sloped roof, daylight is made available via prefabricated Modular Skylights as part of a quick and easy installation. A row of 9 Longlight modules are located above an open space with stairs.

Roller blinds reduce glare and help manage heat gain. The school facility has integrated solar panels and repurposed wooden façades. This is part of sustainable and energy neutral goals that help the planet and lower cost.