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Daylight and Heat Control for Vario Continuous Rooflights

Customise Vario Continuous Rooflights for additional indoor comfort and safety

Vario rooflights are available with a wide range of accessories designed to enhance safety and improve the indoor environment.

Glazing with Sun Protection

Vario continuous rooflights have a variety of glazing types, with a range of thicknesses in opal and clear depending on solution type to meet the desired levels of thermal performance and light transmittance.

The use of "DI" (distance insolation) and IR-control glazing types reduce thermal transmittance and facilitate lower heat input.  The Vario Therm system in combination with a DI glazing and a tall and well insulated kerb system can reach Uw-values below 1.1 W/m²K.

Glazing example, clear polycarbonate

Glazing example, opal polycarbonate

Distance insulation glazing PC

Insect Protection for Vario continuous rooflight flaps

Insect protection for ventilation flaps

Ideal for locations where hygiene is of particular concern, such as food processing factories and bakeries, the insect protection for Vario continuous rooflight flaps provides optimal protection against insects and also helps to keep out particulates or other debris. It can be easily retrofit to existing systems and the insect protection fabric can be removed for cleaning purposes.
The insect protection system is suitable for use with the ventable and SHEV side and cross beam flaps that are used in the JET Vario Norm and JET Vario Therm continuous rooflights. It has no effect on the aerodynamic exhaust surface area (Aa-value) and allows for independent forced separation from the substructure in the event that the SHEV system is triggered.

Shading and protection system Vario Protect

Shading and protection system Jet Vario Protect

Shading and safety system

This is a multi-functional system designed to protect against heat radiation and prevent glare. It also protects against hail, falling through, burglary and fire from outside, considerably reducing liability risks for building owners and operators.


Made of aluminium slats, Vario Protect can be powder coated in a wide range of standard RAL colours to match its surroundings. It is also ideal for retrofit projects.

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Vario Protect