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Safety Systems for Vario Continuous Rooflights

Vario fall-through protection systems provide safety on the roof

Explore our range of fall-through protection systems - from lightweight retrofittable systems to extremely robust multifunctional protection

LB-DSL filigree steel safety net

The LB-DSL continuous rooflight fall-through protection system is a galvanised steel safety net for installation in the course of continuous rooflight assembly work.
This permanent and fully effective system guarantees the safety of work areas and traffic routes on the roof and ensures compliance with all relevant standards and regulations. 
Due to its filigree steel construction, the LB-DSL safety net has an appealing appearance, while providing optimum protection from falls and allowing maximum daylight transmission.

Suitable for use with all Vario Continuous Rooflights, and available in widths of 1200mm to 6200mm.

LB-DSL  Filigree steel safety grid

LB-DSL Filigree steel safety net

LB-DDS steel grid system

LB-DDS is a lightweight fall-through protection system. Provided as a completely pre-assembled safety steel grid, it offers quick on-site installation and is ideal when retrofitting Vario continuous rooflight flaps, as it allows for installation without removing the glazing.

It provides excellent protection from falls and fulfils compliance with all current standards and regulations for safeguarding workplaces and traffic routes on flat roofs.

Suitable for Vario barrel vault continuous rooflight flaps.

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Fall-trough protection systems Vario Safeguard and LB-DDS
Technical information – Fall-through protection systems

Safety and fall through protection system LB-DDS for rooflight flaps

LB-DDS steel grid system

Vario Protect - the multifunctional safety and sun protection system

Continuous rooflight fall through protection JET Vario Protect

Vario Protect - the multifunctional safety and sun protection system

Continuous rooflight safety and shading system JET Vario Protect
Vario Protect is a light-weight multifunctional protection system against falling through, excessive thermal radiation and harsh weather conditions, all at the same time.
The intelligent profile design comprised of aluminium slats with spacing of 60 or 120 mm also prevents daylight and seasonal glare affects, thermal input and simultaneously promotes light input when the sun level is low.

Vario Safeguard - comprehensive traffic route protection

Continuous rooflight traffic route protection JET Vario Safeguard

Vario Safeguard - the comprehensive traffic route protection

Vario Safeguard is a comprehensive traffic route and fall-through protection system that is particularly suitable for safety-related refurbishment projects due to its low weight and easy installation from the roof.

Due to the fastening as a secondary system, without dismantling the glazing, leak tightness and drainage are unaffected and daylight yield is almost unchanged.