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Comfort Ventilation for Dome Rooflights

Optimise the indoor climate with venting Dome Rooflights

Dome Rooflights are available with different comfort ventilation options to suit your specification requirements. 

Permanent rooflight ventilation

Permanent rooflight ventilation

Permanent Vent

As the name suggests, this option is permanently open and shielded from the elements by the outer skin of polycarbonate.

Please note that Permanent Vent is only available with uPVC Dome Rooflights.

Manual rooflight ventilation

Electrical rooflight ventilation

Mechanical Ventilation

Mechanical ventilation can also be integrated into our polycarbonate rooflight solutions by fitting a power fan to the rooflight unit.

There are two options:

  • Power fan unit built into the polycarbonate glazing. This option allows either a 150mm or 225mm power fan to be specified
  • A smaller fan mounted into the side wall of the kerb. With this option, the kerb will be higher to provide the 150mm clear upstand height to the base of the fan unit.
Mechanical Ventilation
Mechanical Ventilation - performance overview

Penthouse Louvre ventilation

Permanent ventilation solution for unheated spaces

Penthouse Louvres are non-insulated ventilation units designed to provide natural ventilation in unheated spaces such as above lift shafts in public and commercial buildings.

Penthouse Louvre ventilation