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Specifying Glazing Only for Dome Rooflights

It is possible to specify single, double or triple skin polycarbonate glazing units for fixing directly to an existing kerb or upstand – ideal for refurbishment projects where the glazing needs to be replaced. As there are no integral frames or kerbs, ventilation options are not available when specifying glazing only.
  • Triple skin U-value 1.8 W/m2K
  • Double skin U-value 2.7 W/m2K
  • Single skin U-value 5.3 W/m2K
*The U-values provided above apply to the glazing only. For Building Regulations purposes – the builder & kerb or upstand forms an integral part of the roof.

Shape options

Our glazing units are available in different shape options including square, rectangular and circular with dome or pyramid profiles. Alternatively, you can specify single or double-glazing glass.
  • All our glass panes are 6mm toughed outer/9.5mm PVB laminated inner
  • VELUX Commercial’s policy is to supply an inner pane of laminated glass to avoid glass falling into the building in the case of breakage
  • Glass borders have a black band as standard
  • U-value 1.1 W/m2K

Examples of  retacangular dome shapes

Dome Rooflight dome top

Dome Rooflight dome top

Dome Rooflight pyramid top

Dome Rooflight pyramid top

Size options

Specifying glazing only - polycarbonate

If you wish to purchase only the glazing elements for a rooflight, we can supply polycarbonate units up to 1500mm x 2400mm for rectangular models and 1800mm diameter for circular models.

Specifying glazing only - glass

Dome rooflight - specifying glass only size grid

Security options

VELUX Commercial offers a range of security options to prevent unauthorised access, depending on the level of security required and product selected.

Security Screws

Thread assemblies into which the security screws locate are inaccessible.

Intruder Grid

Intruder grid systems can be added to all dome rooflights. They are positioned between the glazing and the roof opening and consist of a 3mm diameter, solid steel fully welded mesh in a 75mm grid. This system will resist entry, even if the rooflight has been damaged or removed.
Dome Rooflights Security Screws and Tamper Resistant System

Security screws

Dome Rooflights Intruder grid

Intruder grid