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Size Options for Modular Rooflights

Check out the size overview of prefabricated Modular Rooflights, which come in three variants: Monolight, Linearlight and Circularlight.

How to measure the modules 

The clear internal measure is determined by the interior dimensions of the 90° lining or lining profile of the product: A (Length – slope direction) and B (Width)

Clear Internal
A = Clear internal module length
B = Clear internal module width


Modular Rooflights Monolight longitudinal section B

Monolight Burglary-resistant

Clear internal measurement of Monolight Burglary-resistant


Modular Rooflights Monolight and Linearlight cross-section bottom A

Monolight/Linearlight Burglary-resistant

Clear Internal Measurement Monolight/Linearlight Burglary-resistant


Modular Rooflights Linearlight longitudinal section B

Linearlight Burglary-resistant

The clear internal measure of the product lining for Linearlight Burglary-resistant
There are different size options for Monolight, Linearlight and Circularlight, and you need to consider the following when choosing the correct size overview:

Monolight – Made-to-measure

Monolight – Made-to-measure size grid
Symbol explanation
Monolight size grid explanations

Linearlight – Made-to-measure

LInearlight – Made-to-measure size grid
Symbol explanation
Linearlight size grid explanations

Circularlight – Made-to-measure

Ø between 900 and 1350 mm depending on module type
Circularlight made to measure size overview
Symbol explanation
Circularlight size grid explanation

Roller blinds – Made-to-measure

Overview sizes Roller blinds
Symbol explanation
Roller blinds size grid explanations

Configuration options

Modular Rooflights product overview – features and limitations

* Depends on snow and wind load - a static calculation must be performed

Monolight and Linearlight are including burglary-resistant versions. Max. measurement of shortest side for these is 1600 mm.