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Smoke Ventilation for Modular Skylights

Smoke venting skylight modules provide smoke ventilation in accordance with EN 12101-2

Modular Skylights offer smoke venting modules that come with optional wind deflectors. The modules and deflectors are designed to reduce smoke accumulation inside the building in case of fire.

Smoke Venting Modules

Rooflight solution with smoke ventilation. Smoke simulation from Sonneborn.
Our smoke venting skylight modules opens up to 700 mm in less than 60 seconds. Smoke venting modules are only available with an Open System actuator. If roller blinds are requested, please refer to local fire authorities for permission.

Wind Deflectors

Rooflight solution with smoke ventilation. Wind deflector, KCD 0040.

Wind deflector covering one module

Rooflight solution with smoke ventilation. Wind deflector, KCD 0080.

Wind deflector covering three modules

Rooflight solution with smoke ventilation and wind deflector KCD 0080. Seen from the inside.

Wind deflector covering three modules, seen from the inside

Modular Skylights offer wind deflectors to ensure optimum smoke ventilation. The wind deflectors are designed to minimize the risk of air intake and let the smoke escape even when the wind conditions are unfavourable.
You can choose between two different wind deflectors. One that covers only one smoke venting module or one covering three modules, i.e. one smoke venting module in the middle flanked by fixed modules on each side.

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