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Size Grid for Modular Skylights

Check out the size grid of pre-fabricated Modular Skylights, which are available as fixed, comfort and smoke venting skylight modules.

Fixed modules

Modular skylights - sizes overview for fixed modules

Comfort ventilation

Modular skylights - sizes overview for comfort ventilation

Smoke ventilation

Modular skylights - sizes overview for smoke ventilation

For size specific load capacity, please contact us.

If roller blinds are requested for smoke venting modules, please refer to local fire authorities for permission.

Symbol explanation

Color for standard size  Standard size

Color for special size  Special size, functional limitations may apply

🞰 Module height above 2400 mm is delivered with an extra strong glazing unit only.

 Δ No roller blinds available.

⭘ Only open system actuator available.

 ‡ Not available for Ridgelight.

φ Rollerblinds must be pre-mounted.

How to measure the modules 

Width and height of the modules are determined by the outer width (W) and height (H) dimensions of the frame (not the measurements of the cladding, flashing or brackets). 
Warning triangle

VELUX comfort venting Modular Skylights meet the requirements of the harmonised standard EN 60335-2-103 (2015). Therefore, comfort venting skylights can be installed within reach, i.e. at installation heights below 2.5 m above floor level (inside) and ground level (outside). We recommend that you observe national regulations and consider if the planned specific use of the building requires additional safety measures that must be applied by the installer/user to prevent serious injury. For more details and information on smoke venting Modular Skylights, please refer to the Technical Handbook and the safety guidelines delivered with each product. If VELUX roller blinds are installed, please observe recommendations.

VELUX roller blinds have a recommended minimum installation height of 2.5 m above floor level (inside) and ground level (outside). In case of installation below that level, safety measures must be applied by the installer/user to prevent serious injury. No instruction or measure can eliminate the inherent hazards resulting from installation heights below 2.5 m.