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Daylight solutions for airports and railway stations

Daylight solutions for airports and railway stations represent a challenge to designers. But it is one that has excellent rewards for people who often use these crowded spaces. In airports or train stations commuters often feel frustrated or overwhelmed. But these emotions can be positively affected by good daylight design.

Factoring in the well-being of staff and travelers commuting can be transformative. By implementing daylight solutions into concourse designs means more light can be spread over communal spaces, improving well-being, employee productivity and increasing building energy efficiency. Good daylighting can also increase the amount of time people spend in your building.

Changes in light requirements for travel infrastructure 

Commuters and passengers require comfort and stimulation when spending time in communal spaces. And these needs have by noticed by builders and authorities. When it comes to refurbishment and new builds, innovation can lead design.

Retail spaces and hotel entries are increasingly reflective of a shift in consumer need. Natural light creates a welcoming and airy space that is inviting for consumers. This has potential revenue benefits for businesses and improves the well-being of people. Good daylighting also helps with security in busy locations where CCTV is not present. 

Artificial light reduction in concourses

Good daylighting reduces the use of electricity. Diffuse daylighting solutions can also minimize glare. This enables businesses to operate more without artificial lighting.

VELUX Commercial delivers sustainable, innovative daylighting solutions for airports and railway station projects. At Almere Centrum railway station in the Netherlands, an ambitious project goal includes having the greenest train station in the country. Over 1,200 solar roof panel installations utilized integrated solar cells on a project that included replacing all glass rooflights. This complete and expansive rooftop refurbishment also includes 126 dome rooflight replacements.

Specified daylight and ventilation solutions for high-traffic public areas 

VELUX Commercial has a range of solutions available. These include dome and flat glass rooflights, continuous rooflights, and glass roof systems. We provide flexibility in design and offer a range of accessories to meet your needs, including smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (SHEV). 

With us, you'll receive support for the entirety of a building project. Support ranges from product selection to technical advice, installation and post-sales service. We help ensure your construction project stays on track. Our expert knowledge and continued support make VELUX Commercial your preferred partner for daylight and ventilation solutions.

eBook - Designing Daylight Solutions for Commercial Buildings

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The Bodmin Jail Hotel

Realizing the potential of daylight in hotel and conference centre projects has several benefits. Guest and visitors can experience better time spent in more natural communal spaces. While staff have shown improved happiness and an increase in productivity.

 An exterior view of office Appel

Daylight solutions can improve productivity, comfort and the well-being of office employees. Daylighting is also energy-efficient and cost effective, reducing reliance on artificial lighting. Check out our eBook: Designing daylight solutions for commercial buildings for a closer look at the impact of daylight on occupants in commercial buildings and incorporating daylight into building design.

Outside of our homes, most of our time is spent at work. Since the digital age began workplaces have made the move into office-based settings. But it is still possible to maintain a connection with the outdoors with good daylight design.

Sophie Amalie Gaarden with glass panel installation

Incorporating daylighting into healthcare building design has several benefits. Good daylighting canassist with patient recovery and connects people with the outdoors. This is particularly important for patients spending long periods of time recovering from treatment or operations. But it also helps employees to feel more comfortable in demanding roles. In the winter months, people suffering from (SAD) can improve mood by maximizing natural light exposure. Windows and roof glazing can play an important role in positivity, health and productivity.

Sports Centre Bertrange with special Grillodur daylight system

Daylight solutions enrich the recreational experiences people have when using sports facilities. Natural light in a well-being environment assists in keeping users comfortable when exercising. Communal facilities are better utilized when your building has evenly distributed illuminance levels, and lots of fresh air. A connection to the outside is proven to improve mood and the overall well-being of people.

Daylight & Architecture

While the science of well-being is relatively nascent, the UK Government’s ‘Foresight’ project sheds a great deal of light on five factors that have a proven effect on well-being¹, leading to the definition of the Five Ways to Well-Being (connect, keep active, take notice, keep learning, give).² The question remains, though, how do we design buildings that can positively influence these five factors?

By Koen Steemers, Professor of Sustainable Design and has been Head of the Department of Architecture at the University of Cambridge.

A birds eye view of Otto Shuner AG rooflight installations

Maximizing your industrial buildings daylight has several operational benefits. Good daylight provisions increase the comfort, health and productivity of your employees. Good daylight design can also help you to make safety an operational priority. Whether a warehouse, factory or HQ-VELUX Commercial can help you select the safest solution.