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Designing daylight solutions for sports facilities

Sports Centre Bertrange with special Grillodur daylight system
Sports Centre Bertrange with Grillodur daylight system installation

Daylight solutions enrich the recreational experiences people have when using sports facilities. Natural light in a well-being environment assists in keeping users comfortable when exercising. Communal facilities are better utilized when your building has evenly distributed illuminance levels, and lots of fresh air. A connection to the outside is proven to improve mood and the overall well-being of people.

Well-lit and ventilated sports facilities help your clients stay active for longer. A connection to the outdoors can also keep people using your sports facilities in winter months when the amount of daylight exposure is maximized throughout the day. This connects people to nature as they exercise and creates an inviting space.

Five popular indoor sports facilities:

  • Gym
  • Spa and swimming
  • Indoor stadiums
  • Pavilions
  • Bowling alleys

Sports facilities lighting requirements

In larger spaces like sports halls, consistency of light can be an issue, particularly when using artificial lighting. This can be due to a facility’s multipurpose functions and sporting requirements. But keep in mind that light level requirements vary depending on activity and the level of competition. If a contact sport such as football, then a higher level of illuminance is usually required. This also applies if competition levels increase, especially important when hosting events and activities ranging from beginner to advanced levels.

External associations and professional bodies have clear expectations when it comes to lighting. A combination between artificial and natural light is often required in design. Consistency of light is of high importance to ensure sporting activities remain fun. This is especially true when objects move between light and dark spaces - a potential cause of harm or injury. Hanging lights can also impede vision with unwanted glare when looking up. But by combining vertical windows and roof glazing solutions, an even distribution of light can be achieved.

Minimal lux level requirement for most sports activities:

  • 200 to 300 lux levels

Maximum lux level requirement for most sports facilities:

  • Up to 1000 lux levels

Providing extra comfort in sports facilities

Glare reduction is important so as not to dazzle or disorientate sporting people. Daylight solutions can be specified with semi-transparent glazing or blinds to provide glare and shadow-free illumination. This in turn reduces the risk of overheating from direct sunlight in hotter months. Ventilation solutions provide extra support and work to help control inside temperatures. The perk of providing fresh air improves comfort levels of active people and increases performance.

Bespoke polycarbonate continuous rooflight for Braywick Leisure Centre

Bespoke polycarbonate continuous rooflight for Braywick Leisure Centre - See Case study

Rooflights with diffused glazing can reduce light reflection caused from water in swimming pools and help protect players from flying objects, allowing them to focus on a chosen activity. Ball and impact resistant rooflight solutions are also available. Low weight rooflights are ideal for refurbishment projects where additional supports for heavier structures may not be practical.

Available daylighting solutions for sports facilities

VELUX Commercial offers a complete range of solutions for daylight and natural ventilation. We provide smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (SHEV), as well as support beyond project completion. New-build and refurbishment projects can benefit from a wide range of solutions. These include dome and flat glass rooflights, continuous rooflights and glass roof systems.

In Maidenhead, England at the Braywick Leisure Centre, VELUX Commercial delivered a bespoke continuous polycarbonate rooflight. This design comes with integrated ventilation to the central gallery and diffuse daylighting. The minimalizing of glare allows visitors to look up in awe at these stunning timber arches.

At VELUX Commercial our expertise and support covers product selection, technical advice, installation and post-sale assistance.

Contact us to find out how we can support your design goals.

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Jumbo Food Market with Vario Thermal System as rooflight installation

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