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Glass roofs for commercial buildings

An indoor swimming pool with daylight
Daylight enters through the roof at Romont swimming pool

A VELUX Commercial glass roof system is a daylight solution available in a variety of design configurations and can meet specifications of any commercial building project. Suitable for both flat and sloped roofs, glass roof systems can be installed to optimize the amount of daylight that enters a space. Double or triple glazing panels are available as part of a new-build or refurbishment project and glass roofs for extensions are possible.

There are a range of glass roofs systems available in several shapes, sizes, and configurations to meet even the most complex roof structures. Made-to-measure, standardised, or prefabricated rooflights support innovative design plans and sustainability goals. Glass roof systems can lower energy use, indoor carbon dioxide levels and help to create environments that improve the well-being of occupants with the introduction of fresh air via comfort ventilation, as well as safety with smoke and heat exhaust ventilation. A quality assurance guarantee is offered on purchase of our glass roof systems with ten-year guarantees also provided with selected products. Ongoing maintenance can be offered as part of a full service from design phase to aftersales support.

VELUX Modular Skylights with optional roller blinds

Modular Skylights provide a view of blue sky

What types of glass roof systems are available?

Multiple glass roof systems and rooflight configurations are available for commercial buildings such as offices, warehouses, schools, and transport facilities. They range from scalable prefabricated Modular Skylights to bespoke Structural Glazing systems that close a building envelope and offer design flexibility.

Glass roofs can be designed and installed in a variety of configurations: single modules, rows of mono and dual pitched solutions, atriums, pyramids, step solutions, as well as bespoke designs are options with each primary function to optimize daylight. Thermal insulation is provided by glazing, whereas blinds and glazing with sun protection coating are available to control heat and glare. Specific glass roofs such as Glazing Panels, Stick Systems and Modular Skylights can be specified with wind deflectors for smoke detection. Wind deflectors are designed to minimise the risk of air intake and let smoke escape, even when wind conditions are unfavourable.

Modular Skylights

A consistent and quality glass roof system due to highly engineered prefabrication, Modular Skylights are fast and easy to install due to a standardized modular configuration and prefabricated flashings. A uniform design and hidden actuators make it unnoticeable if modules are fixed or venting. Skylights can easily be integrated into large circulation spaces such as atriums and smaller spaces such as corridors or hallways.

Modular skylight solutions:

  • Longlight 5-30°
  • Wall-mounted Longlight 5-45
  • Northlight 25-90°
  • Atrium Longlight/Ridgelight
  • Ridgelight 25-40°
  • Ridgelight at 5° with beams
  • Step Solutions

Glazing Panels

Prefabricated yet bespoke, Glazing Panels are elegant rooflights with slim profiles and offer more design freedom with corner solutions such as gable, hip, and valley available as part of a glass roof installation for sloped or flat roofs. Flush installation into sloped roofs is possible and creates a clean design aesthetic. Glazing Panels can be installed in pitches of 15-90 degree.

Glazing Panel solutions:

  • Mono pitched solutions
  • Dual pitched solutions
  • Step solutions
  • Pyramid solutions

Modular Rooflights

A flat glass rooflight, Modular Rooflights can be installed in long rows and come in a range of configurations and bespoke sizes. Suitable for flat and sloped roofs from 0 to 15 degrees, a minimal installation of 5 degrees is recommended. Modular Rooflights are well suited to hallways and corridors with modules able to be designed in short and wide sizes up to 3 metres in length. Venting modules come with one or two hidden actuators, dependant on the chosen rooflight. Modular Rooflights are built with upstands and utilize an advanced connector beam to combine individual modules.

Stick System

Roof glazing systems are made-to-measure daylight solutions assembled onsite. Stick systems, such as Structural Glazing System, provide more design flexibility, due to the aluminum profiles its’ almost unlimited design freedom, for an entire building envelope and are well-suited to atriums designs and often for large roof spans. They can be installed as self-supporting solutions or as a fixed solutions onto supporting structures. The Stick System is suitable for sloping roofs, flat roofs and facades, on all roofing materials.

Interior view of a glass stick system installation

A Stick System installation at Knippenberg College

How are glass roofs installed on the roof?

How a glass roof is installed will depend on the glass roof system specified. Made-to-measure designs such as larger Stick Systems such as Structural Glazing Systems are assembled onsite and can be self-supporting, whereas Modular Skylights are prefabricated and mounted onto a sub-construction.

Modular Skylights are prefabricated to enable an easy installation. A quick installation process (place-fix-click) seals the glass roof, while prefabrication eliminates the need for silicone jointing, saving time and enabling year-round installation. A sub-construction provides the support base for Modular Skylights. A sub-construction is not part of the prefabricated modular system.

Glazing Panels individual panels and main parts are prefabricated off-site and installed using a profile in the top that connects panels together. The individual panel and main parts of the accessories are prefabricated off-site, simplifying onsite installation. Due to the bespoke nature of the panels, the installation must be carried out by a trained installer. Gaskets and flashings ensure a watertight solution. Glazing panels require a separate sub-construction.

Modular Rooflights are made-to-measure and delivered with a wooden upstand for an easy installation. These rooflights come with an advanced connector beam to combine modules next to each other and create long rows of daylight. Venting rooflight modules with a hidden actuator are built into the upstand as part of the installation. Several Stick System components are assembled onsite. This begins with the aluminium profiles before insulating glass units and outer aluminium covers are constructed. During the installation process, additional parts and flashings are installed to ensure an air and watertight daylight solution. Venting units can be installed for either comfort or smoke heat and exhaust ventilation. VELUX Commercial manufactures, delivers and installs stick system solutions as part of a structural glass roof installation.

People stand beneath glass rooflights inside of two buildings

Students enjoy daylight inside a modern university

How do glass roofs benefit a building?

Glass roofs present several benefits to occupants of commercial buildings. Optimal daylight, fresh air, thermal comfort and heat and glare control contribute to comfortable environments that improve occupant well-being. Glass roofs can also lower energy consumption as part of sustainable goals.

Each rooflight will have specific benefits in addition to optimizing daylight and providing fresh air. Modular Skylights are standardised for quick and easy installation. They can be installed in pitches of 5 to 90 degrees and are popular for the ease of scalability when incorporating skylights into design plans. Daylight and glare control can be provided by optional fire-retardant roller blinds that come pre-mounted or can be integrated onsite to help control glare and heat. Slim profiles optimize daylight, while hidden actuators allow for uninterrupted and seamless sky views. VELUX Commercial glass roof systems meet EN 121012 standards.

Modular Skylights requires a sub-construction for installation. CAD/BIM tool capability means design plans can be realized prior to a commercial building project beginning to ensure accuracy and help with cost and time efficiency. Each Modular Skylight is made with robust composite materials that have high insulating performance for additional thermal insulation.

Glazing Panels may be ideally suited for refurbishment projects, as they are able to fit an existing roof infrastructure and are considered lightweight. Corner solutions such as gable, hip and valley offer more design freedom. The bespoke nature of this daylight solution and non-protruding prefabricated glass panels creates a striking rooflight aesthetic that can be configured in rows, dual pitched, pyramid or as a step solution.

At design phase, Glazing Panels can benefit from CAD software to accurately plan and design before a commercial building project begins. Ideal for flush installation into sloped roofs, Glazing Panels can also be converted to provide ventilation to improve comfort and fill spaces with fresh air.

Modular Rooflights include fixed and/or venting modules that can be placed side by side to form a continuous modular system. Fixed, venting or a combination of both are possible with made-to-measure rooflights installed in an upstand. An advanced connector system and drainage ensures a watertight and airtight connection, while a minimized beam ensures a seamless connection of modules to maximise daylight influx. Modular Rooflights also come with roller blinds. Double or triple glazing is supported with a toughened outer glass for enhanced safety and a coating that can provide sun protection.

Glass roof Stick Systems are a versatile daylight solution that can be assembled and delivered onsite. Design flexibility can accommodate a variety of configurations that enable a flush outer surface to be achieved with profiles able to carry weight and be self-supporting. Stick Systems cover water drainage over two levels.

Modular Rooflight with opening vent

Modular Rooflight with opening provides daylight and fresh air

What should I consider when choosing a glass roof?

The needs of a commercial building and the comfort, safety and well-being of occupants will influence what daylight solution is best when choosing a glass roof. However, a range of versatile glass roofs mean that the right glass roof system can be found for most complex roof structures, allowing daylight and fresh air to be provided in a new-build or refurbishment building project.

Find out more about how our flexible range of glass roof systems can help transform your next commercial building project.

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