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Atrium roof systems for commercial building design

Modular skylight Step solution in an office building
A modular skylight Step Solution at office Halles Latécoère, in Toulouse

Atrium rooflights are designed and built in a variety of configurations with the option of bespoke designs available to create centrepiece spaces within any commercial building. Atriums create inviting daylight spaces throughout new and refurbished buildings.

What type of atrium solutions are available for commercial buildings?

There are a variety of VELUX Commercial atrium rooflight solutions available to suit flat roofs on any type of commercial building. These include: step and atrium modular skylight solutions, as well as glazing panels and structural glazing for building structures that require bespoke glazing systems.

Can VELUX Commercial’s atrium rooflights be incorporated into any building design plan?

Our range of atrium rooflight solutions can be incorporated into almost any building type to create centrepieces full of daylight. Not only do atriums improve the well-being and comfort of building occupants, but they can also reduce a reliance on artificial lighting, creating environments people enjoy spending time in. Atrium windows should also be specified to provide the necessary level of ventilation and smoke control. The best atrium solution for a project will depend on the structure and requirements of a building.

What kind of atrium rooflight solution should I specify?

This will depend on building design and the requirements of the building owner. Atrium rooflights can be specified with natural and smoke and heat ventilation and different glazing options, as well as roller blinds to offer glare and temperature control.

How do atrium glass roof systems improve building performance and occupant well-being?

Daylight and fresh air improve productivity, performance, and well-being with unwanted toxins able to be removed from buildings with ventilation. Atriums improve comfort and can increase the amount of time people want to spend in communal spaces when there is a connection to the world outside. Lower energy consumption is a cost-efficient biproduct of more daylight being available and contributes to sustainable approaches of commercial design.
Atrium ridgelight solution at 5 degrees at DZNE office

Atrium ridgelight solution at 5 degrees at DZNE office

Do atrium rooflights come with cost benefits?

Atrium rooflights can reduce a reliance on artificial lighting and offer indoor climate control with natural ventilation. This means air conditioning is also less heavily relied on, resulting in a reduction in energy consumption.

Do you offer accurate costing for glass roof atriums at each design phase of a commercial building project?

VELUX Commercial experts are on hand to offer guidance and technical support throughout a commercial building project and can outline rooflight costing at each stage. Innovative digital tools such as the Daylight Visualizer  predict the impact daylight levels will have on a space before a project begins, allowing for a clearer decision making process, and accurate daylight analysis.
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A VELUX Commercial glass roof system is a daylight solution available in a variety of design configurations and can meet specifications of any commercial building project. Suitable for both flat and sloped roofs, glass roof systems can be installed to optimize the amount of daylight that enters a space. Double or triple glazing panels are available as part of a new-build or refurbishment project and glass roofs for extensions are possible.