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Automatic opening vents (AOV) protect building occupants in the event of a fire

An automatic opening vent (AOV) rooflight fully open.
An automatic opening vent (AOV) rooflight fully open.

An automatic opening vent (AOV) is a critical part of commercial building design. AOV rooflights can be specified to offer additional safety in the event of a fire. If a fire breaks out in a building, AOV rooflights work to remove smoke quickly from a commercial building. This helps to preserve oxygen and maintain visibility for occupants to exit more safely. AOV rooflights also lower the temperature of a building with the introduction of cool air.

How does an automatic opening vent work?

AOV rooflights open automatically to remove smoke in the event of a fire and protect a building infrastructure from collapse as heat dissipates. They are a lifesaving component of a commercial building.

How can AOV rooflights be incorporated into commercial building design plans?

In the event of a fire, AOV rooflights allow smoke and hot gasses to be extracted out of a building. This works via the principle of thermal lift when rooflights and windows open. An additional benefit is that this creates a smoke free layer at a lower level which provides visibility, working to preserve oxygen and assist occupants with exiting a building as safely as possible.

AOV rooflights can be incorporated into commercial building design and configured to automatically open in less than 60 seconds to remove toxins, pollutants, smoke, and cool air in the event of a fire.

Rooflights are designed and tested in accordance with EN 12101 and electrical options with 24-volt vent actuators available. AOV rooflights are multipurpose systems that can also provide comfort ventilation as well as natural light. In addition, they can be used to provide safe roof access for maintenance staff.

Replacement of the AOV rooflights at Messe Karlsruhe with solid aluminum lids.

Replacement of the AOV rooflights at Messe Karlsruhe with solid aluminum lids.

Are AOV systems automatic?

AOV rooflights open automatically upon detection of smoke. The AOV guarantees safe opening as they operate together with a power supply that has a 72-hour battery back up in case of building power failure.

Can AOV rooflights be designed in different shapes and sizes?

AOV rooflight designs will require specification and are not included as part of a standard rooflight. However, they can be built in various lengths and widths to suit the need of a project. Glass and polycarbonate rooflights are available options and can be installed as a single unit or in continuous rows.

Standard and bespoke AOV rooflights provide design flexibility to suit building project requirements with thermally broken kerbs available to reduce the risk of condensation. Solid lid and polycarbonate rooflight openings are also available, as well as glass and insulated aluminium lid for durability and added protection.

Automatic Opening Vent (AOV) with glass lid

Automatic Opening Vent (AOV) with glass lid.

Yearly check-ups help to make sure rooflights are functioning optimally and helps to maximise the lifespan of any daylight solution.

Find out more about our products for natural fire ventilation that complies with EN 12101-2. 

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