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VELUX Glazing Panels bring daylight to an 18th century Cornish jail to support the transformation into a luxury hotel

All that was left of the powerful-looking Victorian Bodmin Jail in Cornwall, was a ruin without a roof, with vegetation slowly taking over. In 2015, Mallino Development appointed the services of Twelve Architects to undertake an impressive redevelopment project of the jail and turn it into a modern and aesthetically quite different hotel. To deliver the modern comforts hotel guests expect during their stay and the thermal efficiency required for sustainable operation of the hotel, a holistic system using VELUX Glazing Panels was designed. It took 214 VELUX Glazing Panels, formerly known as Vitral A98 Glazing, to recapture the original rooflighting sitting above the two historic wings.

Whilst the plan was to create an outstanding building, the Grade II listed status, the poor thermal efficiency of the remaining structure and a colony of bats that made themselves at home there were amongst the many challenges to overcome. The design for the new slate roof contained a large rooflight area and the architects were keen to specify thermally efficient, opening rooflights that would fit into the energy strategy for the new hotel, provide summer comfort ventilation and fulfil the necessary smoke clearance and fire strategy.

Importantly, the ideal rooflights crucially needed to resemble the original historic roof windows, complete with thin glazing bars to satisfy the planning requirements and fit within the clear lines of the new design.

VELUX Glazing Panels were the only solution capable of delivering on all requirements.




Products used in project

2 x Dual pitched solutions at 40˚with hip solution

Dual Pitched Solutions

Two rows of glazing panels connected at the top for sloped and flat roofs.

Vertical glass gable finish increasing the daylight influx. Read more

Number of modules: 214 VELUX Glazing Panels

Special GlazingTriple glazing

Dual Pitched Solutions

Two rows of glazing panels connected at the top for sloped and flat roofs.

Vertical glass gable finish increasing the daylight influx. Read more

Hannah Baker

The lead architect of the project at Twelve Architects

The specified product allowed us to maintain the light and views up to the historic ventilation tower, capturing the atmosphere we were after.

The complex Grade II restoration benefits from the flexibility of daylight systems from VELUX Commercial

A system of continuous, 40-degree dual-pitch rooflights was planned for both of the wings and included a hip-end sloping towards the apex of the side facing away from the ventilation tower. This required application of custom-sized glazing panels of various shapes, from traditional rectangular to more unusual triangles. VELUX Glazing Panels have the flexibility to accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes whilst retaining modularity and VELUX Commercial was able to design a roof glazing solution to fit the roof opening and roof design perfectly. The modular nature of the panels afforded a simpler installation, requiring fewer operatives, saving time on-site and helping to deliver the project at lower capital costs.
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