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In Toulouse, France, the national birthplace of aeronautics now functions as a dynamic office and event space full of daylight

Originally built in 1917 under the initiative of Pierre-Georges, Halles Latécoère was the birthplace of French aeronautics industrialization.

An iconic refurbishment project spans the ages

Once, three large halls were used to assemble warplanes. Today, a refurbishment project called ‘La Cité’ has seen an iconic building be transformed into a co-working space with meeting rooms, a 200-person conference room, restaurant, and event space available throughout halls that cover a total of 12,698 m² of floor space.

Enhanced roof structure provides optimal daylight

Central to design goals by architects Taillandier Architectes Associes was the preservation and enhancement of the space and infrastructure of the building. Retaining infrastructure also meant replacing rooflights.

VELUX Modular Skylights were chosen as they fit the building infrastructure perfectly and allowed for a fast and easy installation. Over three weeks, an average of 30 modules were installed each day, totaling 528 on completion. Additional sun protection is provided by coated glazing.

Skylights were specified with comfort and SHEV ventilation to provide fresh air and remove smoke in the event of a fire. The Modular Skylight system was also chosen for its uniform design and meets the needs of the building's new operations—the results are breathtaking.

Today, daylight fills co-working spaces full of people who come together in a building designed for innovation, originality, and creativity.




Architectural drawings

Products used in project

13 x Step Ridgelight

Step Longlight/Ridgelight

Multiple rows of skylight modules connected to create a large glass roof.

Illustration of Step Ridgelight Read more

Total number of modules : 528

  • 8 Step Ridgelights of 20 modules: 10 modules 1000x1400, 10 modules 1000x1550, (236 m² in total)
  • 2 Step Ridgelights of 44 modules: 22 modules 1000x1400, 22 modules 1000x1550, (129,8 m² in total)
  • 2 Step Ridgelights of 100 modules 1000x2200, (440 m² in total)
  • 1 Step Ridgelight of 80 modules 1000x2200, (176 m² in total)

Size in square meters: 981,8 m²

Special solution:
  • RAL 7037
  • Smoke ventilation
  • Double Glazing Sun1: 11T

Step Longlight/Ridgelight

Multiple rows of skylight modules connected to create a large glass roof.

Illustration of Step Ridgelight Read more

Guillaume Tulsa

Installer, Gallego Company

VELUX Modular Skylights are adapted to fit an existing building infrastructure. Modules are standardized and provide high installation efficiency and performance, out of 528 units there are only four sizes of modules, this means a simpler installation.

Stéphane Malécot

VELUX Commercial Sales Representative

We are proud we have succeeded in working on a major historic monument. Collaboration between the stakeholders was key to success. Thanks to good teamwork, we met the architects' requirements.

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