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An eco-friendly information centre help to reduce carbon emissions with the facilitation of bicycles

A unique mobile and information point located next to a train station has been built in Bad Kreuznach, Germany and includes bicycle parking and a garage.  

The building is characterized by a curved wooden-beam structure with a glass stick system integrated into the building’s façade. Daylight spreads throughout a space that can accommodate 400 bikes, while also serving as an advice centre for everything e-mobility.  

The building project began as part of the ‘action plan for sustainable mobility.’ This Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection initiative supports innovative investment-based projects that make cycling more attractive in everyday life for leisure and transportation.  

The façade of the building is a stick system equipped with laminated glazing and integrated photovoltaics. Energy saving capabilities are supportive of sustainable design and help to power the building.  

A government funded project that improves the environment   

The building was designed by slb_architekten und ingenieure. The project was funded through a national climate protection initiative led by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU). This climate-friendly construction encourages the local community to use bikes instead of automobiles, which in turn is helping to reduce carbon emissions and make people more active and mobile.  

Ecological materials integrated into a stick system  

The mobile and information point is made from an ecological timber frame construction. A glass façade comes with integrated photovoltaics that convert light into electrical power. VELUX Commercial’s stick system was used as part of the façade substructure with glazing sizes reaching 6,75 metres in length.  

The mullions and transoms system made from aluminium profiles can be self-supporting or fixed to a supporting structure. The system enables the customized embedding of individual façade elements that are held in place by pressure profiles. In this way, it was possible to integrate laminated safety glazing with integrated photovoltaics modules.  

On the upper floor of the building 17 glass modules have been integrated. Photovoltaics spread across an area of 220 square metres to produce a total output of 25 kWp with an annual yield of approximately 14,000 kWh. The energy created covers the building’s electricity usage and supports e-bike charging stations.  

Project management and calculated planning

VELUX Commercial carried out design planning, manufacturing, project oversight and installation of the stick system inclusive of laminated safety glazing. The integration of the photovoltaic solution included an annual energy yield calculation and the supply of electricity cables. This ensures optimized daylight and maximum energy savings that meet sustainability goals. 




Architectural drawings

Products used in project

1x Specialist Structural Glazing

Specialist Structural Glazing

Stick-glazing system with aluminium profiles to create made-to-measure daylight solutions

Structural glazing system Read more

Quantity of modules: 45 (630 m² facade surface)

Specialist Structural Glazing

Stick-glazing system with aluminium profiles to create made-to-measure daylight solutions

Structural glazing system Read more

Sven Schneider

slb_architekten und ingenieure

With a growing demand for sustainable environmental compatibility, the building materials used from the load-bearing structure to the interior fittings were essentially wood, concrete, steel and glass. This future-oriented building looks to relieve the city’s road network, reduce carbon emissions and improve the quality of life in Bad Kreuznach over the long term.

A stick system with environmental benefits through sustainable design and integrated PV panels

The stick system has an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) issued by independent testing institute ift Rosenheim. In addition, the system can be offered in a highly thermally insulated design as passive house standard with certificate from Passive House Institute.


The project has been funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) as part of the national climate protection initiative.

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