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Modular Skylights provide daylight and ensure ventilation and smoke exhaust

"The Plus" is claimed to be one of the world's most environmentally friendly and transparent furniture factory. With BREEAM's highest environmental classification, «BREEAM Outstanding», the building will go down in history as an international model project. At the same time, its outstanding architecture resonates with Vestre’s industrial history.

The factory is designed as a large plus sign seen from above, hence the name "The Plus." The building structure is built according to passive house standards with a supporting structure of mass timber. The structure itself is built with low-carbon concrete and recycled steel reinforcements. Together with good thermal insulation values and rooflights that help minimise energy loss, "The Plus" exceeds the Paris Agreement’s goals by reducing energy consumption by as much as 90%. This is entirely in line with the goals and ambitions Vestre A/S had for the building.

"The Plus" is truly an integral part of nature. The trees that were cut down to make room for the building have been incorporated into the building's construction. When it comes to biodiversity, Vestre, with the help of a hired ecologist, has simply lifted the forest floor onto the roof of "The Plus." There, among the forest's own flora and fauna, there are around 900 solar panels in perfect harmony with the Modular Skylights from VELUX Commercial.

Modular Skylight solutions are just a request away

General contractor Ø. M. Fjeld set up the building in its entirety. As they already had good experience with both VELUX Commercial's products and customer service, the collaboration was only a request away.

Jonas Nykänen, project manager at Ø. M. Fjeld says that these Modular Skylights were specially designed for the project, as they had to be so large. With the Modular Skylights, "The Plus" thus received an elegant solution for comfort ventilation, while at the same time achieving an effective solution in terms of smoke ventilation.

Successful installation led to a service agreement

VELUX Commercial's own installers were responsible for installing the Modular Skylights on "The Plus". After the well-executed installation works, the customer wanted to set up a further service agreement for the systems. Thus, VELUX Commercial will follow up with the annual and statutory inspection of the modules in the beautiful furniture factory.




Products used in project

4 x Longlight

Longlight 5-30°

A mono-pitched solution ideal for flat roofs

Illustration of Longlight solution Read more

Products used in project: 36 modules in total — over 4 roofs

  • 24 x venting modules
  • 12 x fixed modules

Longlight 5-30°

A mono-pitched solution ideal for flat roofs

Illustration of Longlight solution Read more

Jonas Nykänen

Project manager, Ø. M. Fjeld

VELUX Commercial is reliable and provides outstanding quality. They offer good products and all the documentation you require, provide good feedback and respond quickly when you ask technical questions.

Lasse Nilsson

Production Manager, Vestre AS

One of the project goals has been to build a factory that does not conflict with environmental considerations. The building has become an integrated part of nature and increases biodiversity while limiting the impact of interventions to minimize any disruption to the area's wildlife.
The venting modules are connected, so that in the summer they remain open for additional comfort ventilation to provide a healthy indoor climate, and the modules close automatically if the fire alarm is triggered. This is important because if the skylights are open, the air is naturally cooled in the premises while the sprinkler system isn’t activated.
The control panels were placed so they can be located easily in case the building needs to be evacuated. This way, the fire brigade can open the skylights manually and let the smoke out of the factory premises before they enter and start extinguishing the fire.

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