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Single-unit Dome Rooflights

Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, single-unit dome rooflights provide daylight and comfort ventilation

Suitable for:

  • Flatroofs
  • All flat roof coverings, including EPDM, PVC, bitumen and GRP
  • Opening width in roof 600mm to 2400mm
  • Low-pitch roofs up to 15˚

Key benefits:

  • Standard and bespoke sizes for design flexibilty
  • Variety of shape and profile options to meet design requirements
  • Prefabricated products with interchangeable kerbs enable fast and simple installation on all types of roofs
Rows of polycarbonate domed rooflights installed on a low-pitch roof
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Product details

  • In short

    Dome Rooflights are provided as single units, which can be installed individually or in groups to fill an interior with natural light and create an attractive design feature. Square and rectangular units with domes are popular options, but a variety of other shapes and sizes are available. Choose from a range of glazing options to suit both practical and aesthetic requirements.

    Our rooflights are easy to install. They can be fixed directly to the roof or an existing upstand for maximum weatherproofing and fast closure of the building envelope. Interchangeable kerbs simplify installation and ensure a good fit, and they are suitable for use with all standard roofing membrane systems.

    Dome Rooflights are provided with a 20-year warranty, and experts can offer support throughout design, specification and installation.

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    Examples of Dome shapes

    Dome rooflight

    Dome Rooflight - Dome

    Dome rooflight - flat

    Dome Rooflight - flat

    Dome rooflight -Sealed / Access Hatch

    Dome Rooflight - Sealed / Access Hatch

    Dome rooflight - Pyramid

    Dome Rooflight - Pyramid

    Dome rooflight-Trapezoid

    Dome Rooflight - Trapezoid

    Dome rooflight -Hexagonal

    Dome Rooflight - Hexagonal

    Dome rooflight - Circular

    Dome Rooflight - Circular

  • Functions and sizes

    A variety of standard sizes are available, with lengths ranging from 600mm to 2,400mm.
    Dome rooflights can also be provided in bespoke dimensions to suit project requirements.
    As well as the popular square and rectangular designs, units can be provided in other shapes such as circles or hexagons.
    Read more about sizes

    Dome Rooflights can also incorporate ventilation, with options including fresh air ventilation to improve comfort for building occupants. 

    Automatic Opening Vents ( AOVs) can also be specified for smoke ventilation.
    Product details for Automatic Opening Vents ( AOVs)

  • Product details

    Dome rooflights are suitable for use with all popular types of roofing membrane and can be used on flat roofs and roofs with pitches of up to 15˚  

    We offer a suite of interchangeable and interlocking kerbs, with options including vertical, splayed and adaptor kerbs to suit any upstand or depth of insulation on the roof. They can be manufactured from extruded  PVCu, thermally broken aluminium or aluminium for unheated areas. 
    This system eradicates the need to construct metal frames, or timber grounds on-site and the vertical riser sections can accommodate both flat board and tapered insulation, resulting in a completely bespoke kerb height.
    Dome Rooflight with vertical kerb fixing

    Dome Rooflight with vertical kerb fixing

    Dome Rooflight with splayed kerb fixing

    Dome Rooflight with splayed kerb fixing

    Dome Rooflight with adapter kerb fixing

    Dome Rooflight with adapter kerb fixing

  • Glazing options

    Glazing options include single-, double- or triple-skin polycarbonate, as well as double-glazed glass and a hybrid combination of polycarbonate and glass. Solid metal domes can also be provided.

    Glazing can also be provided in a choice of colours:
    Clear glazing - VELUX Commercial


    Diffused glazing - VELUX Commercial


    Opal glazing - VELUX Commercial


    Bronze glazing - VELUX Commercial


  • Performance

    Our dome rooflights have been carefully designed and tested to ensure they meet or exceed the necessary performance standards:

    • Thermally efficiency - Dome rooflights which meet the requirements of Building Regulations Part L.
    • Non-fragile - Classified as non-fragile and achieve Class B rating to ACR [M] 001:2014.
    • Fire performance - Dome rooflights have been tested according to BS 476 Part 7 and achieved a Class 1 rating.

    They are also TP(a) rated, meaning the material self-extinguishes within five seconds after a flame has been removed.