Xtralite and Vitral are now a part of VELUX Commercial, and we are delighted to welcome you to our new website. Here, you will find our complete portfolio of daylight solutions and services for industrial, commercial and public buildings.

Monolight (formerly Vitral SkyVision)

Single unit flat glass rooflights that direct daylight into specific areas of a building.

Suitable for:

  • Flat and sloped roofs from 0° up to 15°
  • Recommended minimal installation pitch of 5°
  • Flat roofing material
  • Opening area up to 4 m²

Key benefits:

  • Maximum daylight through the roof without intrusive framing being visible from beneath
  • Prefabricated top unit and built-in upstand for fast installation
  • Fixed or comfort venting solution
  • Bespoke sizes - ideal for refurbishment projects
Fixed monolight modular rooflight K.B.Hallen Frederiksber Denmark
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Products details

  • In short
    Monolight is a single unit rooflight which can transform a dull room by flooding the space with natural light from above. Due to the glass top construction the light incidence is maximised, meaning that the light area is equal to the hole in the roof. Monolight consists of a glass top unit and a built-in wooden upstand and is available as a fixed or comfort venting unit.

    Monolight fixed is a non-venting single unit solution that provides daylight through the roof, and is a perfect solution where natural light is important.

    Monolight venting is an optimal solution where light and natural ventilation are required. An elegant and functional product, with a fully integrated chain actuator concealed within the wooden upstand. The stroke length is 300 mm.

    Monolight Walk-on is a non-venting single-unit rooflight intended for residential use and ideal for houses that require both natural light and an accessible roof. Made with toughened and laminated glass, the rooflight is designed to be safe to walk on and can be provided with double glazing and an optional anti-slip feature.

    VELUX Modular Rooflight modules are supported by a 10-year guarantee. Actuators and other electrical components that are part of the modular system come with a three-year guarantee.

    VELUX Commercial specialists can offer support throughout design, specification and installation.
    Illustration of Monolight fixed

    Monolight fixed

    Illustration of Monolight venting

    Monolight venting

    Monolight Walk-on rooflight

    Monolight Walk-on

  • Details
    VELUX Modular Rooflights are produced off-site at our factory. Monolight consists of a glass top unit and a built-in wooden upstand and is available as fixed or comfort venting modules. Monolight Walk-on is available only as fixed. The wooden upstand is supplied from 150 mm up to 600 mm depending on project requirements.
    Modular rooflight monolight module construction

     Monolight module construction

     Walk-on module construction

    1. Aluminium frame (height varies depending on glazing unit) - Welded corners and powder coated aluminium frame with the standard colour RAL 7043, gloss 30
    2. Low-E glazing - Available in double and triple glazing.
      Outer 3-layer laminated glass:
      Special walk-on glass construction (EVA Foil) with step.
      Inner 2-layer laminated glass: (PVB foil), space between outer and inner glass is filled with air. An anti-slip coating is optional.
    3. Silk screen print - The silk screen print gives a nice finish as well as UV protection to the gaskets and underlying construction
    4. Gaskets - The gaskets provide watertight and airtight construction
    5. Clear internal - 90° lining defining the clear internal part of the product and provides a great connection with the interior
    6. Lining groove - Makes the plaster board connection easy and intuitive during installation
    7. Insulating mineral wool - Insulation material in the frame ensures a good insulating performance of the entire product
    8. Vapour barrier - The pre-fitted vapour barrier ensures easy and secure connection to the vapour barrier in the roof construction

  • Functions and sizes
    Modular Rooflights are made to measure and can be configured, manufactured and delivered in bespoke sizes for specific requirements. Monolight fixed and venting are available as burglary-resistant versions according to EN 1627:2011 and NEN 5096-2012+A1:2015: Class 2 (RC 2).
    Monoligh glassroof - burglary resistant

    Venting modules

    Modular rooflights venting modules
    In venting modules, the actuator is fully integrated in the wooden upstand. The actuator is not visible from the inside when the module is closed, thus there is no visual difference between fixed and vented modules. A venting module is operated by either one actuator or two synchronised chain actuators depending on the clear internal area and module width. The modules must be controlled by either a VELUX INTEGRA®, a Motorlink™ or a third-party ± 24 V DC control system.

    Monolight Walk-on

    Monolight Walk-on rooflight
    Walk-on is designed for residential application and to be safe to walk on. It can be provided with double glazing and an optional anti-slip coating.

    Comfort venting VELUX Modular Rooflights meet the requirements of the harmonised standard EN 60335-2-103(2015). Therefore, comfort venting skylights can be installed within reach, i.e. at installation heights below 2.5 m above floor level (inside) and ground level (outside).

    VELUX Modular Rooflights have a recommended minimum installation height of 2.5 m above floor level (inside) and ground level (out-side). In case of installation below that level, safety measures must be applied by the installer/user to prevent serious injury. No instruction or measure can eliminate the inherent hazards resulting from installation heights below 2.5 m.

  • Glazing
    VELUX Modular Rooflight Monolight low-energy triple glazing

    Monolight low-energy triple glazing

    VELUX Modular Rooflights can be designed with double or triple glazing units with the following features:

    • Insulated glazing (Ug values down to 0.5 W/m2K). For Walk-on only, double glazing with Ug-values of 1.3 W/m²K is available.
    • Toughened outer glass. For Walk-on, toughened and three-layer laminated glass (EVA foil) with step.
    • Laminated inner safety glass. Class P4A for burglary-resistant glazing.
    • Warm edge spacer (protects insulation properties over time and minimises the risk of condensation at pane edges)
    • Sun protection coating (optional)
    • Optional anti-slip for Walk-on
    • The glazing unit is glued into the aluminium frame with a UV resistant silicone
    • The glazing unit has a 115mm black silk print along the edge of the rooflight preventing thermal breakage.