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Smoke Ventilation for Glazing Panels

Smoke venting glazing panels provide smoke ventilation in accordance with EN 12101-2

VELUX Glazing Panels offer smoke venting panels that, for triple glazing solutions come with a wind deflector. The panels and deflector are designed to reduce smoke accumulation inside the building in case of fire.

Smoke venting panels

For some solutions a selection of actuators can be configured for smoke ventilation for both double and triple glazing solutions. For double glazing solutions, only visible actuators are available.

For triple glazing solutions, it is possible to choose either an actuator visible from the inside or a chain actuator hidden in the front cover cap.

Venting VELUX Glazing Panel with chain actuator hidden in front cover cap for triple glazing

Wind deflector

A VELUX wind deflector is available for triple glazing solutions. The wind deflector is designed to change the wind profile over the glazing panels in open position, in order to minimise the risk of air intake and allow outtake of smoke even under unfavourable wind conditions.

Please note that this option is not possible for double glazing panels, so the wind sensitivity of for these ventilators must be addressed by other means.

VELUX Glazing Panel smoke venting panels as triple glazing mono pitched with wind deflectors.

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