Xtralite and Vitral are now a part of VELUX Commercial, and we are delighted to welcome you to our new website. Here, you will find our complete portfolio of daylight solutions and services for industrial, commercial and public buildings.

Glazing Panel Solutions (formerly Vitral A74 and A98 Roof Glazing)

Explore the different Glazing Panel solutions

VELUX Glazing Panels can be configured in multiple solutions, by combining the various installation options with gable and corner solutions. The bespoke nature of the system enables you to design almost any daylight solution for public and commercial buildings.

Overview of the solution possibilities with VELUX Glazing Panels

1) Hip

A hip is an external facing corner solution used to connect two adjacent sloping sides of a rooflight. It is commonly used to create hipped gables in Dual pitched solutions.

2) Valley

A valley is an internal facing corner solution used in the intersection between two individual rooflights. It can be used to connect two adjacent buildings.

4) Step solutions

VELUX Glazing Panels can be configured in a step by installing multiple rows of panels on top of each other using a structural beam to connect the rows.

5) Pyramid solutions

A pyramid comprises three or more triangular glazed sides, connected using hipped corner solutions. For a small solution, it is possible to create a self-supporting pyramid, for bigger solutions, a support structure with hips and beams is required.

6) Mono pitched solutions

Mono pitched solutions are single rows of VELUX Glazing Panels installed between 15-90° on either an upstand (on a flat roof), in a saw tooth roof or as a non-protruding installation in a sloped roof. Solutions mounted against a vertical wall can be installed in pitches between 15-60°

7) Dual pitched solutions

Dual pitched solutions are two rows of VELUX Glazing Panels connected at the top, creating a ridge. For self-supporting solutions, the installation pitch is between 25-60°. Furthermore, it is possible to install a Dual pitched solution with a girder at the ridge.