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Comfort and Smoke Ventilation for Structural Glazing

Optimise the indoor climate and occupant safety with comfort and smoke ventilation.

The electrically operated openings ensure both optimal comfort and efficient smoke ventilation. Offering natural ventilation through the roof and reduced smoke accumulation inside burning buildings, the ventilating openings are designed to optimise indoor comfort and smoke ventilation in accordance with EN 12101-2.
Case photo of Ventria 3 ventilation flaps


The Structural glazing system can be specified with either a bottom or side hung smoke ventilation solution certified according to EN 12101-2 and can also provide everyday comfort ventilation. Smoke ventilation units can be produced in all lengths and widths up to 2,500 x 3,000m. Smoke ventilation openings are controlled through the building management system.

Louvred ventilation

Smoke ventilation louvres can also be specified as part of a structural glazing system and can be used for natural ventilation and smoke and heat venting.

Louvres can be double-glazed or insulated aluminium panels.

Smoke ventilation louvres are controlled through the building management system.