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Specialist Structural Glazing

Stick-glazing system with aluminium profiles to create made-to-measure daylight solutions

Suitable for:

  • Flat roofs, sloped roofs and facades
  • All roofing materials
  • Unlimited opening width in roof
  • Minimum solution installation pitch 5°

Key benefits:

  • Almost unlimited design freedom
  • Can be a self-supporting solution or fixed to a supporting structure
  • Possibility to design very large solutions
  • We guarantee both products and installation
Tapered ridgelight rooflight solution installed in a care home
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Product details

  • In short

    Our Structural Glazing system enables you to create individual, creative and tailor-made daylight and ventilation solutions with very good physical building properties.

    The system consists of vertical mullions and horizontal transoms that are assembled on site. Externally, the profiles have aluminium covers and pressure profiles that retain the insulating glass units in place.

    The profiles carry the structural load of the solution, so they can be self-supporting or fixed to a supporting structure. The mullion and transom width is 60 mm. The cross-section depth of the profile can be between 35 mm and 170 mm. The depth of the profile is determined by the span width, taking the glazed imposed loads, wind load and snow load into consideration.

    The system offers excellent sealing values, even for low pitch roofs slopes, and controlled and reliable drainage over two levels.

    We design, manufacture, supply and install the full solution - guaranteeing both products and installation.
    Our Structural Glazing Systems are supported by a 20-year guarantee.

    Bespoke ridgelight supported by primary steel structure

  • Functions and sizes

    You can achieve any size in supported rooflight structures and up to 10m in unsupported rooflight structures (depending on the roof glazing solution selected). The profile height is between 35 mm and 170 mm according to span width, taking the glazing-imposed loads, wind load and snow load into consideration.

    The complete solution is statically calculated by our engineering specialists and verified by the customer depending on the use and building situation.

    Structural glazing can be specified with either bottom or side hung smoke ventilation openings in accordance with EN 12101-2 and can also provide everyday comfort ventilation.

    Illustration of top-hung ventilation for Specialist Structural Glazing

    Top-hung ventilation opening

    Illustration of bottom-hung ventilation for Specialist Structural Glazing

    Bottom hung ventilation opening

    warning triangel

    Structural Glazing ventilation openings have a recommended minimum installation height of 2.5 m above floor level (inside) and ground level (outside). In case of installation of the ventilation openings below that level, safety measures must be applied by the user to prevent serious injury.

    By ordering a Structural Glazing solution containing ventilation openings to be placed within reach i.e. below 2.5 m above floor/ground level, delivered and installed by VELUX Commercial Xtralite, the user acknowledges to have been made specifically aware of the regulatory requirements concerning entrapment protection and inherent hazards, and the user takes full liability on application of adequate safety measures.

    No instruction or measure can eliminate the inherent hazards resulting from installation heights below 2.5 m. Measures could for instance be to install a motion sensor that is able to disconnect power from the control unit in case of any movement in the immediate vicinity of the Structural Glazing system ventilation openings.

  • Product details

    The mullions and transoms have a 60 mm profile width. The height of the profiles can range between 35 mm and 170 mm which is determined by the span width, taking the glazed imposed loads, wind load and snow load into consideration.

    The mullions and transoms are fitted with EPDM gaskets. Aluminium pressure plates and cover caps are fitted with EPDM gaskets that retain the insulating glass units in place via concealed fixings.

    A silicone sealed glass to glass joint can be used on the transoms on low pitched rooflights to aid with the water runoff.

  • Glazing

    The roof glazing system can be designed with the following options to ensure optimal indoor comfort:
    • Glass thickness up to 60 mm
    • Insulating glass unit with Ug values down to 0.5 W/m2K
    • CWCT compliant Non-fragile glazing
    • Laminated inner safety glass
    • Solar control coating
    • Printed glass
    • Photovoltaic glass
    Read more about glazing options

    Glazing example, low emissivity coating

  • Performance

    • Non-fragile - Classified as non-fragile and achieve Class B rating to ACR [M] 001:2020.
    • Thermally efficiency – Structural Glazing systems meet the requirements of Building Regulations Part L.
    • Fire performance – Structural Glazing Systems have been tested according to BS 476 Part 7 and achieved a Class 1 rating.