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Providing daylight and ventilation for industrial buildings

A birds eye view of Otto Shuner AG rooflight installations
A birds eye view of Otto Shuner AG rooflight installations

Maximizing your industrial buildings daylight has several operational benefits. Good daylight provisions increase the comfort, health and productivity of your employees. Good daylight design can also help you to make safety an operational priority. Whether a warehouse, factory or HQ-VELUX Commercial can help you select the safest solution.

Compliment innovative rooflight solutions with accessories that provide several benefits. Reduce the risk to occupants in the event of a fire with smoke ventilation. Comfort ventilation provides fresh air and optimizes air quality,removing pollutants, toxins and odors from your working environments.

Surface illuminance and light level requirements

The type of industrial spaces your business uses will impact illuminance level requirements. Hazardous areas like loading bays have a light level requirement of 150 lux. In warehouses or storage areas the recommended level is 100 lux. In tool shops or on assembly lines levels can vary from 300-750 lux. (source: aecom.com).

Poor lighting can contribute to an increase in workplace accidents. This is particularly relevant to manufacturing departments where heavy machinery is often used. Accidents not only endanger workers, but they also have financial consequences. Liability claims and repair costs can result in loss of earnings.  
Alt text: A rooflight renovation at industrial bakery Schöllkopf in Southwest Germany

Extension and renovation of industrial bakery Schöllkopf in Southwest Germany

Daylight solutions for industrial buildings

During the specification process, consider your production and manufacturing needs. Smoke ventilation and resistance to chemicals, lubricants and acids might be operational priorities. Hygiene options such as insect protection might also be a consideration.

Schöllkopf Backwaren wanted to expand its facilities and optimize production processes. The German bakery installed a large skylight solution. Modular Skylights provide ventilation and daylight through this shed roof construction. Northlight modules let in soft light and prevent direct sunlight and glare. Venting modules allow fresh and cool air into the bakery.

Continuous Polycarbonate Rooflights solutions

About VELUX Commercial 

VELUX Commercial daylight solutions provide your industrial designs with choice and flexibility. Our smoke, heat, exhaust and ventilation (SHEV) products are part of a wide range of systems. These include dome and flat glass rooflights, continuous rooflights and glass systems. We provide solutions suitable for new and refurbished buildings.

We also support you throughout the entire project. From product selection and installation to aftersales support-our dedication to your project makes VELUX Commercial your preferred partner for daylight and ventilation solutions. 

Skylights and Green solution house in screen

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