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Providing daylight solutions for public buildings

Three Nordhavn terminals with rooflight installations
Nordhavn terminals with polycarbonate rooflight installations

Daylight solutions help to create quality, attractive, and comfortable spaces to spend time in. A range of rooflight solutions are available to maximize natural light exposure in public buildings. Public buildings are freely available to the public and accessible for use by all citizens. Community spaces such as town halls are also considered to be public buildings.

Five examples of popular public buildings:

  • local libraries
  • city councils
  • post offices
  • art galleries
  • cinemas   

The benefits of daylight solutions in public buildings

In relation to illumination, each public building will have different needs. How a space is being used impacts the amount of light required. People, of course, play an important role in relation to illumination and how it impacts well-being with exposure to natural light. Specification and flexible daylight designs make innovative solutions for individual project needs possible. Communal spaces with atriums can create inspiring and enjoyable spaces for people to spend time in.

Communal areas typically need a lot of signposting. This is true in public buildings that have many functions and lots of movement. Orientating people with daylight provides comfort in moments of stress. Security and safety also benefit from light and ventilation. Rooflights with comfort ventilation can also help accommodate your thermal control requirements. Rooflights can also be specified with smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (SHEV), reducing risk to both occupants, and building in the event of fire. 

Light consistency helps people undertake a variety of tasks in a communal space. The changing light of day connects people with the outdoors and helps maintain circadian rhythms. In libraries, natural light empowers people to give their work focus. Diffused daylight also makes it possible to reduce glare from computer screens. Natural and mechanical ventilation can be combined to create controlled conditions. This can be useful when looking to preserve objects or control the temperature of a space that has changing numbers of people. 

Utopia Library - See the case study here

Meeting regulatory standards with daylighting solutions

Building regulations and codes need adherence in all public buildings. This is the case in new build, refurbishment and conservation projects. Daylight solutions reduce reliance on artificial lighting and can help meet thermal requirements. Controlled ventilation solutions operate only when needed and help save energy. 

A former military school in the city of Aalst, Belgium is a fine example of how public buildings can maximize daylight. Today, it operates as an 8,000 square meter city library and performing arts academy known as Utopia. VELUX Modular Skylights complement the existing façade glazing, provide fresh air and enhance learning. Upon completion, the project achieved an BREEAM excellent rating. 

What daylighting solutions are available for public buildings?

VELUX Commercial offers a range of daylight solutions for public buildings. These can be specified to meet requirements for daylight and natural ventilation as well as smoke, and heat exhaust ventilation (SHEV).  

Utopia Library - A former military school has been transformed into a modern city library and performing arts academy

Our range of solutions can meet the daylighting requirements of individual public buildings and include dome and flat glass rooflights, continuous rooflights, and glass roof systems. Rooflight solutions are suitable for both new-build and refurbishment projects.

VELUX Commercial is on hand to support you throughout all stages of a building project. From product selection and technical advice, to installation and after-sales services. If you are working on a public building, contact us to find out how we can support your project.  

eBook - Designing Daylight Solutions for Commercial Buildings

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The interior of Freinet school De Harp, in Ghent, Belgium with structural glazing system

When choosing a new daylight solution as part of a refurbishment project, understanding a building’s functionality plays an important role in decision making. If able to establish the influential factors involved in design, specification and installation, better decisions can be made.

There are several factors that influence the success of commercial rooflight refurbishment projects. From choosing the correct daylight solution and getting the right technical advice through to installation support and ongoing service and maintenance. Schedules are often tight, so it helps to have the involvement of a rooflight manufacturer who can offer support, knowledge and technical expertise that can deliver a renovation project within a set time frame.

Daylight & Architecture

While the science of well-being is relatively nascent, the UK Government’s ‘Foresight’ project sheds a great deal of light on five factors that have a proven effect on well-being¹, leading to the definition of the Five Ways to Well-Being (connect, keep active, take notice, keep learning, give).² The question remains, though, how do we design buildings that can positively influence these five factors?

The Bodmin Jail Hotel

Realizing the potential of daylight in hotel and conference centre projects has several benefits. Guest and visitors can experience better time spent in more natural communal spaces. While staff have shown improved happiness and an increase in productivity.

Sophie Amalie Gaarden with glass panel installation

Incorporating daylighting into healthcare building design has several benefits. Good daylighting canassist with patient recovery and connects people with the outdoors. This is particularly important for patients spending long periods of time recovering from treatment or operations. But it also helps employees to feel more comfortable in demanding roles. In the winter months, people suffering from (SAD) can improve mood by maximizing natural light exposure. Windows and roof glazing can play an important role in positivity, health and productivity.