Revitalizing an Outdated Building

The Neuron Building, home to the prestigious Eindhoven Artificial Intelligence Systems Institute (EAISI) of TU/e Eindhoven, exemplifies innovation and transformation. The former LaPlace Computing Centre has been converted into a bright and spacious Education Centre, creating an inviting learning environment.

Due to the change in function of the building and its outdated technical and structural state, a large-scale renovation was necessary. In the design, characteristic elements and qualities of the building were preserved or reinterpreted in a contemporary way. The result is a layered design that pays homage to the original architecture through grand gestures and meticulous attention to detail.

The ground floor has been largely preserved and furnished with classrooms and a meeting area. The innovative double facade with an air cavity facing the street regulates both air exchange and humidity control in the computer lab.

On the upper floor, the original offices are grouped around eight open patios. The patios are covered by a large atrium roof-sized canopy over the central patio. The partially raised roof has a special wooden structure, creating a high and bright atrium space over the first floor.

The result is an abundance of beautiful daylight from above, creating a generous and representative space in the heart of the building that is connected by a void to the meeting area on the ground floor. As a result, users and visitors experience a prominent sense of space at the core of the building.

Innovative Roof Glazing Solution

One of the key elements contributing to the success of this project is the remarkable roof glazing solution provided by VELUX Commercial. The stick system was chosen for its combination of daylighting and ventilation features. The thermally broken rod system, consisting of aluminum profiles, vertical rods, and horizontal crossbars, was installed on-site.

The abundant daylight that floods the atrium and the first floor creates a bright and inviting atmosphere that enhances the productivity and well-being of the building's occupants. The combination of daylight and ventilation offered by the DC Easy windows ensures a healthy indoor environment. The impressive height of the windows, reaching up to six meters, is a testament to the innovation of VELUX Commercial.

The Neuron Building stands as a beacon of inspiration, showcasing the potential of innovative building solutions to create a brighter future.




Products used in project

16 x Specialist Structural Glazing

Specialist Structural Glazing

Stick-glazing system with aluminium profiles to create made-to-measure daylight solutions

Structural glazing system Read more

Project size:

  • 4 x Dimensions: outer dimension of width 2,500 mm x length 2,500 mm.
  • 12 (identical) x Dimensions: outside dimension of sloping width 0-2,389-0 mm x length 2x 6,440 mm.

Number of modules: 75

  • 57x fixed modules 1000 x 1200 mm
  • 6x fixed modules 900 x 1200 mm
  • 12x venting modules 1000 x 1200 mm (Open System)

Glazing: Pane variant 16, Ug-value 0,7 W/m2K

Specialist Structural Glazing

Stick-glazing system with aluminium profiles to create made-to-measure daylight solutions

Structural glazing system Read more
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