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VELUX Step Solution

Design with maximum daylight

New award-winning product

Introducing the Step solution – design with maximum daylight to optimise well-being and productivity. The new VELUX Step solution is a modular skylight system for large atriums that provides maximum daylight and enhances building aesthetics and quality.

Skylights - Step solution seen from the inside

Design with daylight in three new ways

Several studies show that daylight and fresh air improve our health and well-being. The VELUX Step solution can help bring these essential components into any commercial building.
Choose between three different variants:

Key benefits of VELUX Step solution

The new VELUX Step solution offers a unique step structure, presenting several benefits for atrium design:

  • Maximum Daylight
  • Coherent and elegant design 
  • Integrated water drainage

Maximum Daylight

The VELUX Step solution is specifically designed to support rows of skylights, without the need for thick, unsightly beams. In this way, the complete system offers an even better view to the outside, without compromising on aesthetics or quality.

Coherent and elegant design 

With thin supporting beams, designed by the architect, the VELUX Step solution combines maximum daylight with minimalist design. Due to hidden actuators, our venting modules appear identical to fixed modules when closed, creating a sleek and uniform aesthetic.

Integrated water drainage

The solution is complete with factory-finished flashings, which connect the rows of skylights and ensure drainage of water between each row.

Visit the product page for Step Solutions.

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VELUX Step Solution

Design with maximum daylight


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Comfort you can control

An essential feature of our modular Step solution is the ability to manage the indoor climate. Each module can be customised with several specific features–such as glass coatings, blinds and motorised venting–to ensure that the indoor comfort is not affected by temperature, glare or lack of ventilation.

Why choose VELUX modular skylights

When you choose a VELUX Step solution, you also:

  • Spend less time specifying and more time designing your solution 
    The modular design of our skylights allows you to quickly sketch up your design and get an accurate idea of what the final design will look like.

  • Install up to three times faster 
    Our skylights are prefabricated offsite and arrive onsite ready to install, with everything you need to affix them and get your building sealed off quickly.

  • Get guaranteed performance
    Each component of our modular skylight system is thoroughly tested and integrated in a controlled factory environment, ensuring proper fit and performance.  

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