Xtralite and Vitral are now a part of VELUX Commercial, and we are delighted to welcome you to our new website. Here, you will find our complete portfolio of daylight solutions and services for industrial, commercial and public buildings.


The modular system – from a single module to a highly scalable skylight solution

Modular Skylights deliver all the benefits of modularity to rooflights and glazing. From glass quality to power motors and integrated blinds, the skylight modules are designed to work as one single system from the moment they’re made.

The Module

All modules are produced offsite at our factory, meaning every single component is rigorously tested and integrated in a controlled environment. Each component is also of the highest premium quality and is built to stand the test of time.

All prefabricated modules are CE marked and delivered with customised flashings and integrated insulation.

Pre-fabricated modular skylights from VELUX come with perfectly matching cladding, flashing and roller blinds

The System

The modules fit perfectly together to create a seamless watertight system - a glass roof that lets in plenty of daylight.

Every skylight solution is configured from the same standard module and follows the same fast installation process, enabling you to seal the roof quicker against adverse weather conditions and get on with the internal build.

In our quality-controlled facilities, we monitor all aspects of production to ensure a perfect fit, and the result is our watertight, airtight, durable modular skylights.

Interactive product sample

Our interactive 3D model allows you to view the product from every direction and zoom in and out to view it up close. Try it below.

Illustration of a Longlight skylight

The Solution

The versatile skylight system allows you to create a range of different designs for a variety of commercial buildings such as shopping malls, offices, cultural buildings, public spaces and healthcare buildings.

All Modular Skylight configurations are based on the same single module and the same basic installation process. You don’t need to specify different modules for different solutions.



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