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Vario Norm

Standard barrel-vault rooflight ideal for industrial and commercial flat roofs

Suitable for:

  • Flat roofs and sloping flat roofs
  • Roof openings with widths of 1200mm to 11340mm and in any length
  • Roof pitches of up to 15° and ridges of sloped roofs

Key benefits:

  • Lightweight, prefabricated system with multiple configuration possibilities
  • Provides optimum illumination with diffused lighting
  • Great selection of comfort ventilation and certified smoke and heat exhaust systems
  • Wide choice of safety and protection systems
Interior view of a Vario Norm installation. Hornbach, The Netherlands.
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Product details

  • In short

    The Vario Norm standard rooflight is our best-selling continuous rooflight system and provides optimum room illumination with natural, diffused daylight. Units can be configured in a variety of layouts, ensuring the right fit in every flat sloping roof opening. This, along with the wide range of options and accessories, enables the Vario Norm system to be customised to suit specific project requirements. And since all units are prefabricated at our factory, installation on site is simple and efficient.

    A wide range of glazing types can be provided, fulfilling all thermal, photometric and other special requirements.

    Equipped with corresponding flap systems and opening devices, the Vario Norm rooflight can be used for comfort ventilation, as well as smoke and heat exhaust.

    A variety of fall-through protection systems can be included to ensure maximum safety during installation and maintenance work on the roof. Options range from lightweight, retrofittable systems through to robust multifunctional systems.

    Other accessories include adjustable upstands, secure roof membrane connections and intelligent building management systems.

    Illustration of a Vario Therm barrel vault continuous rooflight

    Vario Norm

    Illustration of a Vario Norm barrel vault rooflight with two full flaps and deflectors

    Vario Norm with ventilation flaps

  • Product features

    The Vario Norm rooflight is robust with a lightweight construction. It comprises an aluminum frame with polycarbonate multi-wall sheets. The circumferential eave profile, welded at the headpiece, ensures reliable drainage.
    • Available in widths of 1200 to 11340mm, and in lengths of your choice
    • Great selection of accessories, including adjustable upstands, connection systems and insect protection
    • European Technical Assessment (ETA)-16/0710
    • Smoke and heat exhaust tested according to DIN EN 12101-2
    • Meltable and can therefore be calculated as a heat exhaust surface in accordance with DIN 18230
    • Structural dimensioning according to Eurocode
  • Glazing performance

    Vario Norm has an extensive selection of glazing types with the following features:
    • Different thicknesses in opal or clear polycarbonate
    • Thermal transmission: Ug-values from 2.50 to 1.16 W/m²K
    • Light transmission from 60% to 20%
    • Solar energy transmission: g-value from 15% to 66%
    • Airborne sound insulation up to 21 dB
    • Specialist glazing for specific needs: IR-control for lower heat input, fire class B-s1,d0, BROOF(t1) for resistance to external fire exposure or hail protection
    Illustration of a glazing example with opal polycarbonate

    Glazing example, clear polycarbonate

    Illustration of a glazing example with opal polycarbonate

    Glazing example, opal polycarbonate

  • Comfort ventilation and SHEV

    Equipped with corresponding flaps and opening devices, Vario Norm continuous rooflights can be used to provide effective smoke and heat exhaust, as well as daily comfort ventilation.
    • A variety of rooflight flap types for smoke and comfort ventilation, and sizes enable the right fit and performance for each individual project.
    • Our certified SHEV systems guarantee the highest level of protection in the event of fire; tested according to DIN 12101-2
    • Smartcontrol is an optional intelligent building management system that facilitates the comfortable and safe control of all SHEV and ventilation systems
    Explore our certified smoke and heat exhaust and comfort ventilation solutions
    Illustration of a continuous rooflight with ventilation flap and air flow

    Ventilation flap

  • Safety Systems

    Functional fall-through protection systems ensure safety during installation, and when carrying out maintenance work on the roof. Explore our variety of safety systems, which range from a lightweight, filligree steel safety net through to extremely robust multi-functional constructions that provide safety and sun protection.

    The systems can be provided as part of the rooflight module, pre-assembled in our factory, or can be implemented separately as part of a retrofit project.

    Rooflight safety and fall-through protection grid system for continuous rooflights

    Fall-through protection net system