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The Vario System and its Key Benefits

Reliable and fully customisable polycarbonate rooflights suitable for any building

Lightweight, pre-fabricated and meade-to-measure, Vario Continuous Rooflights are available with a wide range of configuration options, making them an ideal choice for any flat roof. They are manufactured to the highest standards and designed to fulfill all requirements in regards to quality, functionality and safety.
Vario Therm with wind deflectors installation on flat roof

Vario Therm barrel vault continuous rooflight

Dual pitched Vario Therm-S continuous rooflight with ventilation flaps

Vario Therm-S dual pitched continuous rooflight

Vario Norm with double flap installation on flat roof

Vario Therm barrel vault continuous rooflight

Vario Continuous Rooflights are ideal for large-area glazing of industrial and commercial flat roofs and sloping roofs. They enable spaces to be filled with diffused natural light and can also be used for both comfort ventilation and smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (SHEV).


With a high-quality and robust construction, Vario rooflights feature aluminium frames and polycarbonate multi-wall sheets. They are made-to-measure and pre-fabricated at our factory, and a wide choice of configuration options and accessories are available. The high degree of pre-assembly and easy installation saves project time and costs.

Key benefits

Vario Continuous Rooflights are weather-tight, thermally efficient and can be fully customised to meet specific design and performance requirements. They are delivered pre-fabricated to save installation time and costs, and enabling building envelopes to be quickly closed so that interior work can commence.

A variety of glazing options are available to fulfill thermal, photometric and other special requirements as needed. The rooflights are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes for complete design versatility, and an array of accessories can be included.

  • Adjustable kerbs are suitable for every roof structure and provide additional insulation
  • A variety of rooflight flap types and ventilation options mean Vario rooflights can be used for fresh air ventilation and SHEV
  • The selection of fall-through protection systems range from lightweight retrofittable options to extremely robust multifunctional systems, providing maximum safety and protection for people on the roof.

The Options