Xtralite and Vitral are now a part of VELUX Commercial, and we are delighted to welcome you to our new website. Here, you will find our complete portfolio of daylight solutions and services for industrial, commercial and public buildings.

The Modules

Daylight through the roof as single units or entire bands

VELUX Modular Rooflights are an elegant solution for flat roofs, providing direct access to daylight. Due to the glass-top construction the light incidence is maximised, meaning that the light area is equal to the hole in the roof.
Modular Rooflights consist of three variants: Monolight, Linearlight and Circularlight.

The solution consists of either fixed modules, vented modules or a combination of both. The advanced connector system and drainage gutter ensures a watertight and airtight connection between the modules. A minimised beam ensures a beautiful connection on the inside.

  1. Aluminium frame
  2. Insulating Glass Unit (IGU)
  3. Silk screen print
  4. Double gaskets
  5. Clear internal
  6. Minimised beam
  7. Insulating mineral wool
  8. Vapour barrier
  9. Minimized beam
  10. Drainage gutter
  11. Fixed module
  12. Venting module
Modular rooflight module solution

Key Benefits

From design to installation, our prefabricated VELUX Modular Rooflights offer several benefits.
  • Aesthetic design with optimal daylight influx - no visual difference between fixed and venting modules in closed position
  • Comfort venting modules allow fresh air and provide indoor comfort
  • Burglary resistance is an option for certified security
  • A walk-on version for residential use is available with optional anti-slip coating
  • Circularlight offers additional possibilities for aesthetic building design
  • CAD/BIM tools enable fast and intuitive design of rooflight with upstand in your drawing programme
  • Option to include single unit rooflights for specific areas of a building, or rows of connected rooflights for designing wide, uninterrupted daylight sources
  • Off-site production ensures consistent, high quality and durable rooflights
  • Prefabricated top unit and built-in upstand supports a predictable and easy installation giving a fast closure of the building envelope
Modular rooflight in Saxtorphsvej kindergarten

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