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Mono Pitched Solutions (formerly Vitral A74 and A98 Roof Glazing)

A row of glazing panels for sloped, flat and saw tooth roofs

Suitable for:

  • Sloped, flat and saw tooth roofs
  • Flat and textured roofing material
  • Opening width in roof min./max. 140-3400 mm
  • Installation pitch between 15-90°.
    Solutions mounted against a vertical wall can be installed between 15-60°

Key benefits:

  • Prefabricated yet bespoke glass system
  • Various corner solutions enable design freedom
  • Slim and shallow profiles for optimal daylight influx
  • No visual difference between fixed and venting panels from the outside
Interior view of a mono pitched atrium solution. MT Højgaard Headquarters, Denmark.
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Products details

  • In short

    Mono pitched solutions are single rows of VELUX Glazing Panels that light up hallways, corridors and large rooms. The panels can be installed between 15-90° on either an upstand (on a flat roof), in a saw tooth roof or as a non-protruding installation in a sloped roof. Solutions mounted against a vertical wall at the top can be installed in pitches between 15-60°. The glazing panel system offers multiple corner solutions as hips, valleys and vertical glass gables, making the system ideal for refurbishment as it can be designed to fit an already existing hole in the roof.

    The panels and key accessories are prefabricated off-site, thus facilitating a quick and safe installation.

    VELUX Glazing Panels are delivered with a 10-year guarantee on panels and flashings. Actuators and electrical components that are a part of the glazing panel system come with a 3-year guarantee.

    VELUX Glazing Panel specialists offer support throughout design, specification and installation, including a project specific sub-construction drawing with measurements for the outer geometry.
    Please note that sub-constructions are not included in the VELUX offering.

    Hip corner solution for a mono pitched rooflight

    A hip is an external facing corner solution used to connect two adjacent sloping sides of a rooflight.

    A valley is an internal facing corner solution used in the intersection between two individual rooflights.

    Vertical glass gable finish increasing the daylight influx.

    Vertical glass gable finish increasing the daylight influx.

  • Details

    The prefabricated panel consists of aluminium frame profiles with a glazing unit sealed in using a UV resistant sealant material. When the panels are joined together on-site, the outer gasket and an inside drainage profile must be mounted to secure drainage.
    The glazing panel system is delivered with installation profiles, gaskets and flashings, ensuring a weathertight solution.
    Modular rooflight monolight module construction

    Double glazing
    Panel joint height 82 mm
    Panel joint width 50 mm 

    Triple glazing frame profile cut for glazing panels

    Triple glazing
    Panel joint height 106 mm
    Panel joint width 52 mm

    Venting VELUX Glazing Panels have several options of actuators when specifying the panels. It is possible to convert a rectangular fixed panel to a venting panel by post-installing a visible actuator and a crossbar.
  • Function and sizes

    VELUX Glazing Panels are available in a wide range of sizes and functionalities:
    Illustration of VELUX Glazing Panel mono pitched solution
    1. Fixed panel – rectangular or shaped
    2. Motorised comfort venting panel
    3. Motorised smoke venting panel


    See size possibilities for fixed and venting modules.
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    VELUX Glazing Panels have a recommended minimum installation height of 2.5 m above floor level (inside) and ground level (outside). In case of installation below that level, safety measures must be applied by the installer/user to prevent serious injury. No instruction or measure can eliminate the inherent hazards resulting from installation heights below 2.5 m.
  • Glazing

    VELUX Glazing Panels come with standard low-energy double or triple glazing with the following features:

    • Insulated glazing unit (Ug values down to 0.5 W/m2K)
    • Toughened outer glass (optional)
    • Heat soak tested (optional)
    • Laminated inner safety glass
    • Warm edge spacer (protects insulation properties over time and minimizes the risk of condensation at pane edges)
    • Sun protection coating (optional)