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Modular Skylights – Interactive Product Sample

Explore and understand what makes Modular Skylights the right specification choice for your project

Modular Skylights are prefabricated and modular to give architects and specifiers design flexibility, enabling the creation of daylighting solutions that suit any commercial requirements. But what do the components look like and how do they work together?

Our interactive product cut sample is a fully rendered and 3D model. These features allow you to examine the shape and design of the Modular Skylight in greater detail than is possible with photography. Our model allows you to view the product from every direction and zoom in and out to view it up close. Try it below.

1. Frame profile fixed module (pultruded composite material)

2. Frame profile venting module (pultruded composite material)
3. Sash profile venting module (pultruded composite material)
4. Cover cap venting profile (plastic)

5. Cladding profile (aluminium)
6. Sash profile top (aluminium)
7. Glazing unit 
8. Gaskets (EPDM)
9. Glazing sealing/fastening (butyl)

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Modular Skylights

Create comfortable and productive indoor spaces with this simple yet effective prefabricated daylighting solution. With options for both daylight and fresh air, Modular Skylights can be configured to suit a wide range of commercial spaces, from narrow corridors to large indoor spaces, and optional features include climate control, smoke ventilation and shading.

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Modular Skylights accessories

Rooflight solution with smoke ventilation.

From smoke vents to blinds and controls, we offer complete specification flexibility. Find everything you would need to create a rooflighting system that meets all applicable standards and regulations as well as meeting the needs of your project.

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